Shock from health insurance premiums: premiums can rise so high – domestic policy

A mammoth assignment for the Minister of Health Karel Lauterbach (59, SPD)!

It has to plug two billion holes! If his ministry does not intervene, it will have to pay another hundred euros for health and long-term insurance next year.

BECAUSE: There are billions of yawning holes.

Statutory health insurance: Deficit of up to 25 billion euros, as calculated for BILD by prof. Günther Neubauer from the Institute for Health Economics. According to previous estimates (around 17 billion euros), “the war in Ukraine and its consequences have not yet been covered,” says Neubauer.

Inflation is also driving up the purchase prices of medical practices and hospitals, and the labor market outlook in autumn 2022 is not good. Consequence: Expenditures increase while paid contributions decrease. The hole is growing.

EUR 25 billion corresponds to a contribution of about 1.5 percentage points.

Long-term care social insurance: According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, 7.3 billion euros will be missing by the end of 2024. Reasons: EUR 4 billion in additional costs due to Corona, EUR 3.3 billion in lost contributions from policyholders caring for their relatives.

GKV Vice President Gernot Kiefer on BILD: “If the federal government does not fill this gap, the contribution must increase by 0.35 points.”

On average, earners face an increase in premiums of 455.16 euros, the best earners are 537.02 euros more per year – NET!

Lauterbach has long wanted to present a bill to stabilize the coffers. The contribution shock is to be mitigated by tax money and tax rebates on medicines. The Minister announced this several times, most recently at the end of May. But nothing has happened yet!

When asked by BILD, the ministry stated that the law would be “internally recommended by the government”.

The DAK chief calls on Lauterbach to act

The first head of the treasury is now pushing: “Together with the Federal Minister of Finance, Lauterbach must now answer the question of whether and how he wants to prevent the impending tsunami of contributions from 70 million policyholders,” says DAK. boss Andreas Storm (58) to BILD.

As early as March, the minister announced an increase in contributions, which he intended to limit by law, according to Storm. And further: “We have been waiting for this announced bill for three months. If it is not submitted by the summer holidays, it will not have enough time for health insurance companies to draw up budgets in the autumn. We need planning security for that! ”

CDU health expert Erwin Rüddel (66) told BILD: “Contributors now have to pay for Lauterbach not implementing any reforms or submitting a GCV funding law for months.” Lauterbach considers himself a pandemic minister rather than a health minister.

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