Scotland Yard: Couple smuggled child to England over organ trade – International News

London (UK) – Unbelievable: A child was smuggled into England to have his organs removed – a couple from Nigeria are in custody now!

A Nigerian man named Ike E., 60, and a woman named Beatrice Nwanneka E., 55, have been arrested for plans to bring a child to the UK for organ trafficking, London Metropolitan Police said Thursday (June 23). . They are accused of organ trafficking. According to British media reports, they are both married. The man is a lawyer, has been Deputy Director of the Senate in Nigeria for twelve years, has also been a visiting professor at the University of Lincoln, England, and is a woman’s tax advisor.

Reason: The couple’s daughter is reportedly on dialysis and needs a kidney. Both remain in custody until the next trial on July 7. Further details are still unclear.

According to the British press, the boys are 15 years old, come from Nigeria and are homeless. The goal, according to the police, was to remove the authorities. The relationship between the boy and the couple is unclear. The child has been taken to safety and is being cared for. According to the BBC, he has already been transferred to England.

So it all turned out: the operating surgeon Royal Free in London refused the operation and alerted the police. When Ike and Beatrice wanted to fly to Turkey, they were arrested on June 21. The politician had more than 22,000 euros with him at the time of his arrest.

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