Scholz: Putin bears “terrible guilt” – Russia is showing off American prisoners

Updated 06/18/2022 23:41

  • After his trip to Ukraine, Olaf Scholz made serious allegations against Vladimir Putin.
  • The Federal Chancellor assures the invaded country of support.
  • The situation is increasingly critical for civilians in Seyerodonetsk.

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz is convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken on “terrible guilt” by attacking Ukraine. An SPD politician told a German news agency in an interview with the German news agency on Saturday that it was “something else when you see the devastation with your own eyes and feel that people actually died in one place. are that in the cars that stand there in the rubble, there were families who wanted to escape and were brutally shot. “

Scholz visited Ukraine on Thursday. He traveled with French President Emmanuel Macron, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. He stopped in Irpin, among other places, where almost 300 civilians, some of whom were executed, were found after the withdrawal of Russian troops at the end of March.

Ukraine sank a Russian ship

Ukraine is preparing for a longer defensive war and is heading for new negotiations with Russia at the end of August – after the Ukrainian counterattacks. The situation of civilians still staying in the hard-hit city of Sieverodonetsk is becoming increasingly difficult. There are almost no roads out of town.

Russia allegedly lost another ship from its Black Sea fleet due to attacks by the Ukrainian army. The tug “Vasily Bech” was damaged by Ukrainian missiles. “It was later revealed that he had sunk,” Odessa military governor Maxym Marchenko said in a video speech on his Telegram channel.

Captive American soldiers parade in the Russian media

There is no confirmation from Russian or independent sources. According to Ukrainian sources, the ship, which was commissioned in 2017 and equipped with the Tor air defense system, was hit by Harpoon missiles. Denmark has delivered anti-ship missiles to Ukraine.

Two American soldiers who fought in the Ukrainian army and were captured by units loyal to Moscow were portrayed in the Russian media. One of the men apologized in an interview with the Kremlin’s allied newspaper Izvestia, which the media reported on its Telegram channel on Friday. “Western media do not tell us how incompetent and corrupt the Ukrainian army is,” he said.

Debate on the EU perspective for Ukraine

The second prisoner appeared on the Kremlin canal RT. He only sent a greeting to his mother and hoped that he would be able to return home.

In an interview with dpa, Scholz emphasized that the EU had been supporting Ukraine “very unitedly and decisively” since the beginning of the war. It is clear that the journey to the EU will not be easy, but many requirements need to be met. “This applies to the rule of law and democracy, but also to all the other rules we have set in Europe,” Scholz said. For Ukraine, it is about “prospects for the future – the hope for a European and democratic perspective for the citizens of Ukraine”. At the forthcoming EU summit, they want to “reach an amicable decision”.

On Friday, the European Commission called for the official nomination of Ukraine and Moldova as candidates for accession to the European Union. Next in line are the Heads of State and Government.

Sieverodonetsk: street fighting and surrounded civilians

European Parliament Vice-President Katarina Barley has warned against stepping up Ukraine’s path to the European Union. “There must be no hasty entries. Anyone who is once in the EU cannot be excluded,” the SPD politician told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

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Street fighting continued in the bitterly ravaged eastern Ukrainian city of Sieverodonetsk. The city and its surroundings are under heavy artillery fire, said the Ukrainian General Staff. It is not possible to bring civilians hidden in bunkers under the Azot chemical plant to safety, Luhansk governor Serhiy Hajday said.

The British Ministry of Defense estimates that with the bridges destroyed, civilians have few other routes out of the city than the humanitarian corridors unilaterally issued by Russia and its allies. On the other hand, in previous cases in Ukraine and also in Syria, Moscow has abused such corridors as a means of gaining advantages on the battlefield and forcibly relocating people. It is said that Ukrainian soldiers and hundreds of civilians are staying in the chemical plant.

Scholz: Ukraine needs heavy artillery and ammunition

According to Chancellor Scholz, Ukraine currently needs heavy artillery and ammunition for its defense against Russia “most urgently”. “It’s also about protection from air missile attacks,” Scholz told the dpa. The meeting with Zelensky in Kiev was, among other things, “how Europe can now continue to help its country”. It was a “trustworthy, cooperative conversation.”

Politicians and economists have introduced bonuses for consumers as an incentive to save energy given the severely limited supply of gas from Russia. These should apply to households that use gas sparingly. Asked if he was considering measures that could also be used to enforce energy savings in private households, Scholz told dpa: “I am not in favor of discussing individual measures until an overall concept is available.”

Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency, sees Russia’s throttling of gas supplies as a clear strategy: “Russia has been supplying significantly less gas to Germany and Europe for several days now. This should upset us and raise prices.” (mt / dpa)

Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine’s chief negotiator, David Arakhamiya, does not want to resume peace talks with Moscow until the end of August after counterattacks have taken place. (Image source: IMAGO / Westlight)

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