Russia: Warship sails into Danish waters near Bornholm – “Boorish methods!” – Politics abroad

Was this maneuver an accident or a deliberate provocation against the West?

A Russian warship entered Danish waters on Friday evening near the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. The Danish Defense Command has announced that the corvette has twice entered the territorial waters north of Christiansø Island near Bornholm.

The ship first entered Danish waters around 2:30 in the morning. “A few hours later, the same corvette crossed the line again, also north of Christiansø,” the military statement said. Accordingly, the ship immediately left Danish territory after being called by the Navy’s VHF radio.

Because of the incident, Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod summoned the Russian ambassador to talk to him about the incident. A Russian military spy plane violated Danish airspace in late April.

Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe KofodFoto: JOHANNA GERON/REUTERS

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Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe KofodPhoto: JOHANNA GERON / REUTERS

Kofod said: “Russia is again ignoring international rules by not respecting borders. We have made it clear to the Russian ambassador that such an approach is completely unacceptable.

He wrote on Twitter: “Methods of bullying against Denmark do not work.” He ended his tweet with the hashtag #WeAreNATO.

Bornholm is currently hosting the annual Festival of Democracy. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also took part in the festival. The Russian embassy in Denmark did not comment initially.

According to Ukrainian sources, a Russian smuggler was hit in the Black Sea on Friday by weapons supplied by the West. According to the Minister of Defense, Ukraine received Harpoon missiles from Denmark a month ago.

In early June, the Danes voted overwhelmingly in favor of the country’s accession to the EU’s common defense policy, ending a special arrangement that had been in force for 30 years.