Russia threatens Lithuania due to Kaliningrad transit

ANDOver the weekend, Kaliningrad Governor Anton Alichanov tried to calm the situation: there was no reason to panic, the region was well stocked with everything he needed; There is no reason to accumulate cement or fuel, he is personally responsible for this, he said in a message to the inhabitants of the Russian exclave on the Baltic Sea. According to reports from the region, they reacted to the news on Friday evening that Lithuanian railways no longer import goods subject to EU sanctions to Kaliningrad through Lithuanian territory by panic buying. In an interview with Russian television, Alichanov said the situation was, of course, “extremely uncomfortable” but not catastrophic: “We have prepared for something like this.” There are enough free ships to take whatever is needed. port Ust- Bring the Luga near St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad.

At the beginning of the week, however, a tone sounded in Moscow, which is the opposite of reassurance. Russian state media talk about the “de facto blockade” of the Kaliningrad region by Lithuania. President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that the Lithuanian decision was a “violation of everything” and that the situation was “more than serious.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow accused Lithuania of violating international legal agreements, in particular the EU-Russia “Joint Declaration” on transit to the Kaliningrad region in November 2002. This was described as “openly hostile”. A foreign ministry spokeswoman explained that Lithuania must understand “the most important thing”: If Russia has declared a country’s actions “hostile,” “then it is no longer about talks, it is no longer about finding some patterns that can calm the situation.”

One member of the foreign parliament after another commented on the situation in harsh language, each narrowly lagging behind the threat of military action: Lithuania has made a “direct aggression” against Russia, which “is literally forced to carry out the necessary self-defense immediately. step forward, “wrote Senator Andrej Klimov on his Telegram channel. Russia has the right to address the transit problem created by Lithuania to its Kaliningrad exclave “by whatever means it chooses” – the word “any” is written in capital letters.

Lithuanian Prime Minister: There is no blockade

It probably won’t stay with Theaterdonner. Russia’s National Security Council secretary Nikolai Patrushev, one of Putin’s closest associates, said on Tuesday during a visit to Kaliningrad that Russia’s response was being prepared: “Its consequences will have serious negative effects on the Lithuanian people,” he said. he said. Lithuania is thus increasingly becoming the center of Moscow’s aggressive gestures. Just two weeks ago, a Duma MP introduced a bill that would repeal Lithuania’s independence. He justified this, among other things, by the danger that Lithuania poses to the Kaliningrad region.

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