Russia seems to be moving numerous troops to Sieverodonetsk

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It is still fighting hard in eastern Ukraine. But Russia is on the rise. Ticker news.

  • Negotiations lag behind: In the war in Ukraine, they are said to be talking again at the end of August.
  • Johnson’s visit: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will visit the capital Kyiv in the midst of the Ukrainian conflict.
  • Heavy fighting in Sieverodonetsk: Russia continues to attack eastern Ukraine. There is still a big dispute about the city of Sievjerodonetsk.

+++ 19:30: According to Ukrainian information, Russia is sending large numbers of troops from other combat zones to the Sievarodonetsk region to gain full control of the front city. “Today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they will drop all the reserves they have,” Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai told national television. “Because there are already so many, they have a critical mass.” According to Gaidai, Russian troops already control most of the city, but not the whole.

A soldier holds a rifle from a tank in the city of Sieverodonetsk.
The city of Sievjerodonetsk in eastern Ukraine has been fought hard for several weeks. Now it is said that Russia has largely conquered them. (Archive image) © Oleksandr Ratushniak / dpa

+++ 18:10: According to the pro-Russian mayor of Donetsk, Ukrainian troops shelled the city in the morning. The building of Donetsk National University, school, shops, residential buildings and office buildings were damaged, Alexei Kulemzin wrote on the Telegram, civilians were killed or injured. The information could not be independently verified.

+++ 16:10: From Mönchengladbach on the Polish-Ukrainian border: On Saturday (June 18), an air bridge was ceremoniously opened in Mönchengladbach to transport war wounded from Ukraine. With the “Ukrainian Air Transport Day”, the initiators want to get more volunteer pilots and aircraft owners for flights to the east.

Fantastischen Vier singer Smudo has announced that he intends to go on an auxiliary flight soon. The 54-year-old is a hobby pilot and supports the project. On the way there, small machines carry medicines and medical equipment, on the way back they transport the wounded for treatment to Germany.

Ukrainian War: Zelensky travels south

+++ 13:35: Volodymyr Zelenskyj again traveled to the front in the south of Ukraine. A video on his Telegram channel shows the President of Ukraine handing out medals in the city of Mykolaiv and monitoring the situation in the city east of Odessa. “We talked about the state of the economy, the restoration of water supply and the situation in agriculture. Special attention was paid to threats from land and sea, “the video describes.

+++ 12:13: The Kremlin is clearly stepping up its efforts to push further into the Donbas north. This is according to reports from the British Ministry of Defense. Accordingly, the Kremlin is preparing a new offensive from the city of Izyum to the southeast. The goal is to encircle the city of Sievjerodonetsk with its own troops from all sides. This is likely to worsen the situation of civilians there.

Russia shoots at a refinery in Ukraine

+++ 10:45: Russia attacked the central city of Kremenchuk again. The refinery located there was hit by a total of six missiles, according to The site was hit by two more rockets, according to regional spokesman Dymytro Lunin.

As far as we know, no one was injured in the attack. The affected refinery has been so damaged by previous attacks that it is no longer in operation. The information could not be independently verified and is based on reports from Lunin’s regional manager.

War in Ukraine: Negotiations with Russia will not resume until the end of August

+++ 9:35: Negotiations in the war in Ukraine are currently limited to issues of detail. General peace has long been out of the question. The dpa news agency informs about it. Both Moscow and Kyiv are currently planning to improve their negotiating position through military success.

In an interview with the channel on Saturday (June 18), the chief Ukrainian negotiator David Arakhamiya stated this. Voice of America further out. There he announced that peace talks with Russia would not take place until the end of August. “I think we will carry out a counterattack operation in various places,” Arachamiya said of the decision. Ukraine would then probably have a better negotiating position, read at the moment.

Ukrainian War: Street fighting in Sieverodonetsk

Updated, 8:06: Tough fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the situation in Sievjerodonetsk in particular is confusing. Now every street is going on. The city itself and its surroundings have been under heavy artillery fire from Russia for several days.

According to the Ukrainian governor of the region, Serhiy Hajdada, many Russian soldiers would also be killed. The Kremlin has always replaced them with new ones. Evacuation of many civilians still trapped in the city is currently impossible, the neighboring city of Lysychansk is still under Ukrainian control. But the road there was under Russian artillery fire.

++ Ukrainian War: Kyiv reports heavy losses – Johnson surprisingly visits

Kyiv – After 114 days of war in Ukraine, it seems that the attacker from Russia has a fortune of war on his side. According to the high-ranking general, the Ukrainian army has suffered heavy material losses since the beginning of the fighting. “To date, we have an estimated 30 to 40, sometimes as much as 50 percent of our technical losses as a result of active fighting,” Brigadier General Volodymyr Karpenko told National Defense. In the meantime, about “1,300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems” were lost.

++ Ukrainian War: Johnson provides additional support

In order to continue to defend against attacks from Russia, military support and new weapons from the West are needed in the first place. This is also demanded by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who surprisingly received British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday. During his spontaneous visit to Kiev, he did not promise any new weapons for Ukraine, but at least training programs for soldiers.

Military trainers from Great Britain already instructed the Ukrainian army in the use of modern Western weapons at the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict and before the start of the fighting. Johnson also promised Selensky the delivery of additional weapon systems.

++ Ukrainian war: fighting in the east of the country

Fighting between Ukraine and Russia also focused on the Donbas area on Saturday evening. In particular, the city of Sievjerodonetsk in the Luhansk region remains a fierce battle. The Russian army fired again at the Azot chemical plant on Friday. According to the Ukrainian army, more than 560 civilians sought refuge in the large factory complex. There are 38 children among them.

++ Ukrainian war: the number of civilian casualties is constantly growing

The number of civilian casualties in the war in Ukraine is also constantly increasing. This is also confirmed by news from the region around the city of Donetsk. Four people there were killed by a Russian missile attack, said regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko. Six other people were injured in the attack.

Authorities in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv have reported two dead and 20 wounded after attacks by the Russian army. Regional Governor Vitaly Kim spoke of repeated rocket attacks from Russia on residential areas in the region. The Kremlin, on the other hand, denies shelling residential areas. (dil / dpa)

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