Russia: awkward provocation! Moscow renames the square in front of the US Embassy

For almost four months, Russia turned Ukraine into rubble and brought death, suffering and destruction to the neighboring country. And he still finds time for his clumsy taunts against the West.

The latest example: The square in front of the US Embassy in Moscow is now being renamed – after the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR). A provocation that the US should not like. Because the move will force the US embassy to refer to the DPR, which Washington (and the rest of the free West) does not recognize as an independent state, when giving the address.

June 2020: The US can even provoke!  A rainbow flag is displayed demonstratively at the American embassyFoto: imago images/ITAR-TASS

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June 2020: The US can even provoke! A rainbow flag is displayed demonstratively at the American embassyPhoto: image images / ITAR-TASS

The corresponding renaming decree was published on Wednesday by the city management. The initiative to rename came from the Moscow City Duma.

The final name was determined by an online poll – but in addition to the DLR, only the “defenders of the Donbas” and the separatist Vladimir Shoga, who fell in March, were available. This move was therefore aimed at angering Washington from the beginning. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov publicly supported the plan.

Such a provocation by diplomats is not a new phenomenon of the Ukrainian war. In Washington, the square in front of the Russian embassy was renamed Boris Nemtsov Plaza in 2018 (after an English transcript) – after Boris Nemtsov, a Russian opposition politician who was shot dead in 2014. Moscow reacted angrily.

The Czech capital Prague followed by naming Němcovova náměstí 2020 in front of the Russian embassy. The road around the embassy was also named after Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist criticizing the Kremlin, who was also shot.

The Russian embassy then used the consulate building for a long time to indicate the address. After the start of the war against Ukraine, the Prague authorities changed the name of the street here as well. Since then, it has been called the “Street of Ukrainian Heroes”.

The current farce of a change of address is just another example of a completely chilled US-Russia relationship. Putri’s chain dog Dmitry Medvedev (56) recently made it clear how he assessed the connection between the two countries.

In the Telegram messenger service, he wrote contemptuously: “We currently have no relations with the United States. They’re at zero on the Kelvin scale. ”Referring to possible nuclear disarmament talks, he said there was no need. Medvedev: “It’s bad for Russia.” The US should “crawl and ask for it.”