Russia: Artist Julia Tsvetkowa faces jail for “spreading pornography” – Politics Abroad

The Russian public prosecutor wants to imprison the artist Julia Zwetkowa (29) in a prison camp for three years and two months. Absurd Accusations: the spread of pornography. Her mother Anna Khodyrewa confirmed this on Facebook on Tuesday.

The well-known activist faces a maximum of six years in prison. A court in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in eastern Russia intends to declare a verdict on July 17 after Cvetkova’s final statement.

The current criminal proceedings are drawings from a collection that Zvetkowa had distributed on social networks under the title “Woman is not a doll”. She herself does not see drawings as pornography. This is exactly what many art experts see as referring to nude women’s paintings from great masters. But Russian justice has a different view.

The artist Julia Zwetkowa is to be sent to a prison camp because of her artFoto: Ulf Mauder/dpa

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The artist Julia Zwetkowa is to be sent to a prison camp because of her artPhoto: Ulf Mauder / dpa

International human rights organizations have criticized criminal proceedings as arbitrary justice, and actions against artists have condemned Russian celebrities, human rights activists and politicians. Violent arrests were made repeatedly during street protests.

The proceedings against the artist have been going on since November 2019. She was under house arrest for about four months. Then she was allowed to leave the apartment, but not the city. Cvetkowa went on a hunger strike at the start of the trial last year.

The Khabarovsk activist is also known nationwide for her commitment to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) rights. For years, he has had problems with Russian justice and has been repeatedly sentenced – for example, for painting same-sex couples with rainbow motifs.

The feminist also receives mass death threats. Memorial and Amnesty International have officially placed Julia Cvetkow on the list of those who have been politically persecuted.