Riots and sexual harassment: Riots on Lake Garda also affect Rome

rampage and sexual harassment
The riots on Lake Garda also affect Rome

On June 2, massive riots broke out in Peschiera on Lake Garda in northern Italy. According to reports, around 2,000 young people gather in the small town, allegedly there are fights, thefts and sexual harassment. The incidents are now sparking a heated political debate.

Following the violent riots at Lake Garda, Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese wants to provide information on past investigations and future law enforcement tactics in Rome’s parliament. The June 2 incidents in Peschiera, in which drunk young people attacked each other, jumped in cars and allegedly sexually harassed women on the train, have been employing politicians there for two weeks. Given that the majority of young people are men with a migrant background, right-wing politicians in particular are again discussing integration intensively.

Some rioters, often called “baby gangs” by police and the media in Italy, have already announced another rally through social media. The Adriatic town of Riccione near Rimini, among others, was chosen as the meeting place. Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega distributed the corresponding TikTok video on his Twitter. “Violence and threats are not tolerated here,” he wrote.

On June 2, on the Italian national holiday, in Peschiera on Lake Garda, which is popular with tourists, about 2,000 young people from several cities in northern Italy reportedly gathered on a flashmob. The situation escalated: there were skirmishes with injuries and thefts; Tourists were harassed, cars and shop windows were demolished.

In addition, there were alleged sexual assaults: According to their own statements, some underage women were harassed and sexually harassed by young men on a completely crowded regional train from Lake Garda to Milan. They managed to leave the train prematurely and filed a complaint. The Verona Public Prosecutor’s Office is now investigating possible suspects. The second line of investigation deals with previous incidents in Peschiera.

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