Relations must not suffer: the Kremlin places a condition on Ukraine’s accession to the EU

Relationships must not suffer
The Kremlin has set the conditions for Ukraine’s membership in the EU

After a long discussion, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova are now among the candidates for EU membership. However, the Kremlin warns that the adoption must not worsen relations between the two countries and between the EU and Russia. These are “also very pampered”.

The Kremlin makes the possible accession of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to the EU conditional on their relations with Russia not deteriorating further. Granting candidate status to two former Soviet republics is initially an “internal European affair,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Interfax. “It is very important for us that these processes do not create any further problems for us or for relations with these countries.”

In addition, it must be ensured that relations between Russia and the European Union do not deteriorate further as Ukraine and Moldova approach the EU, Peskov said. “They’re pretty spoiled now.” A Kremlin spokesman also criticized the Moldovan leadership in this regard: it sought to justify candidate status by taking measures against Russia. “It seems to you that the more anti-Russian they are, the more Europeans should like them,” Peskov said.

Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova has officially declared itself neutral and has not yet participated in Western sanctions against Russia, on whose gas supplies the republic is still heavily dependent. At the same time, there are growing fears in Chisinau that Moscow troops will attack their own country, citing the alleged oppression of the Russian-speaking population. In Moldova, there is a conflict area in Transnistria, where the pro-Russian separatist regime has ruled de facto since the 1990s.

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