Record temperatures in Europe: the heat wave is approaching Germany

Status: 06/16/2022 16:55

Large parts of southwestern Europe are suffering from a massive heat wave. Italy, France and Spain report rising temperatures. Up to 38 degrees is also expected in the south of Germany at the weekend.

This is the first heat wave in a year since the beginning of weather records in France: the country has been suffering from a heat wave coming from North Africa since Tuesday. Temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees were measured in the south of the country on Wednesday, and it should be over 40 degrees on Saturday.

Thomas Ranft, HR, on a sunny weather forecast for the weekend

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The weather service will trigger an alarm

The Météo France Meteorological Service has issued an orange alert in 23 of the 101 departments. High temperatures exacerbate the drought in the soil, which is already bothering farmers after the dry winter and spring. The risk of forest fires is also increasing. An ozone alert has also been issued locally in the south of France.

Temperatures also rose massively in Paris.

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Some cities have extended parking hours and installed foggers. The French government has also taken measures to protect the homeless and the elderly. He wants to invest 500 million euros in the greening of inner cities.

Forest fires in Spain

Neighboring Spain has been struggling with room temperatures of over 40 degrees for six days. This significantly increased the risk of forest fires. A fire near the town of Baldomar in the Catalan province of Lleida has already destroyed 500 hectares of forest. The Catalan regional government has warned that the flames could spread to 20,000 hectares. No evacuation was originally ordered. However, the authorities urged people to stay at home.

Forest fires also broke out near the Catalan towns of Solsonès and Tierra Alta. According to the regional government, 300 hectares have burned so far. Another fire was reported from the Sierra de la Culebra in the province of Zamora.

Such a national heat wave is unusual for Spain at this time of year. In some cases, peak values ​​of up to 43 degrees have been recorded since the weekend. Spain has experienced four such periods of extreme temperatures in the last ten months.

Hundreds of hectares of fires raged in Spain.

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Lack of water in Italy

Due to the historic drought, northern Italy is also forced to take drastic measures. 125 communities in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions were asked to stop or reduce their drinking water supplies at night. In some areas it did not rain for more than 110 days.

Heat is also expected in the south of Germany

Extreme temperatures are also expected in the south of Germany over the weekend. The German Meteorological Service (DWD) predicts the warmest days of the year so far. The peak is expected on Saturday with temperatures up to 38 degrees. The extreme north is spared heat; here the maximum values ​​are only between 17 and 23 degrees. Rain showers are also expected there.

On Sundays, the maximum values ​​in the south and east of Saxony will reach 37 degrees, otherwise the maximum temperatures will be between 26 and 34 degrees. In the southern half of the DWD expects several strong, sometimes strong storms. It will remain milder in the north and northwest with temperatures of a maximum of 19 to 24 degrees.

According to scientists, the increase in heat waves is a direct consequence of global warming. The intensity and duration and frequency of these phenomena are increasing.

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