Quit smoking without gaining weight: how it can work

  • why people even start smoking?
  • What motivates people quit smoking?
  • why you gain at allwhen you quit smoking?
  • That’s how it works Stop smoking without gaining weight

Smoke is harmful to health. Many smokers therefore want to swear forever. But what often prevents many from doing so is Fear of gaining weight. In fact, many people gain a few pounds after they quit smoking. However, there are several auxiliary measureswhich can alleviate or even prevent weight gain.

Why do people even start smoking?

At first glance, there seems to be nothing in favor of smoking. It’s spreading stinkaccelerates skin aging and harms health massive – also those from passive smokers. Because exhaled tobacco smoke contains partially more toxic substances than mainstream smoke. Nevertheless, many people sometimes reach for a cigarette and, in the worst case, cannot get rid of it. Here are some reasons why people start smoking:

  • Tobacco industry promises: Tobacco manufacturers and cigarette manufacturers advertise with one special attitude to lifethat smoking brings with it. Freedom, fun and adventure are the values ​​that smoking should bring. It mainly appeals to young people and entices them to try it. But: Tobacco advertising will soon be largely banned in Germany. Advertising measures in the press, on the Internet, on radio and television are no longer permitted. From January 2022, the advertising ban also applies to outdoor advertising, from January 2023, the advertising ban will be extended to so-called tobacco heaters, and from January 2024 to electronic cigarettes and refills.
  • Smoking as a means of weight control: Cigarettes actually contain active ingredients on the one hand Reduce appetite and on the other hand encourage metabolism. Both reasons that can facilitate weight loss and allegedly bring the path to the dream figure. However, smoking does not help with weight loss.
  • Smoking relaxes and improves memory: Nicotine is known arrives in the brain within 10 seconds and stimulates certain receptors there. As a result, more neurotransmitters are released, e.g. dopamineten s rewards center related. Become too Serotonin and the body’s own opioid Endorphin increasingly produced. On the one hand, it has a calming effect, but it also increases memory and attention.
  • Pandemic fuels increase smoking: This was possible for adult smokers there has been an increase since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic state, but not among young people. Experts believe that people who used to quit smoking are now relapse. Maybe her too increased work in the home office led to people finding more opportunities to smoke. In addition, coronavirus pandemic stress should not be underestimated Stress factor who may have encouraged people to smoke cigarettes.
  • The onset of smoking mostly in adolescence: About nine out of ten long-term smokers have it in their youth between 14 and 19 years old started smoking, reports addiction expert Professor Dr. Daniel Kotz. In middle age, it is rare for people to think about starting to smoke.

What motivates people to quit smoking?

The health risks caused by smoking can be prevented. He dies in Germany every year 127,000 people on the consequences of tobacco use. Around 31% German women and men aged 14 and over are smokers, with men smoking cigarettes more often.

IN German survey on smoking behavior (DEBRA study) Since 2016, personal surveys of tobacco consumption and alternative nicotine delivery systems (ANDS, such as e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters) have been conducted every two months in the German population.

The German Cancer Research Center cites the following reasons that motivate people to quit smoking:

  • Risk Cancer reduce morbidity
  • Risk for cardiovascular diseases reduce
  • Die lung function improve and reduce risk for respiratory diseases reduce
  • Die fertility and Power supply improve
  • Healthier look a more attractive play
  • Die physical ability increase
  • others through passive smoking no more pity
  • More management get on with your own life
  • More Money available to fulfill your desires

Best ways to quit smoking:

  • Remove all dishesrelated to smoking from home. For example, cigarette packs, bulk tobacco, wrapping papers, ashtrays, matches and lighters.
  • Tell to your family, friends and acquaintances that you are quit smoking want.
  • Think about it like you difficult situations respond
  • advantage medical therapy such as a smoking cessation hotline, nicotine replacement therapy or non-smoking groups.

Why do you gain weight when you quit smoking?

  1. Smoking increases energy expenditure, because the food consumed, especially fats and carbohydrates, is metabolized more quickly. This is because the nicotine contained in cigarettes for a faster conversion of food ingredients takes care of. This means that smokers consume about 200 kilocalories a day more than their non-smokers.
  2. Nicotine has an appetite suppressing effect. The study showed that Nicotine binds to certain receptors on nerve cells in the brain and thus signals to the body that it has enough food.
  3. After he quit smoking, Taste cells again more sensitive. That can become one increase appetite and thus lead to increased food intake. Many ex-smokers tend to indulge in sweets or other Reward for quitting smoking or detach from the desire for a cigarette.

Quitting smoking can cause you to gain weight for the reasons listed above. On average, you can with average weight gain up to four kilograms calculated after smoking cessation. However, whether and how much you gain depends largely on yours eating and exercise habits ab.

How to quit smoking without gaining weight

The fact is, it’s never too late to quit smoking. The damage to the health and involuntary passive smokers is enormous and preventable. However, anyone who wants to quit smoking must be aware that they must get rid of their nicotine addiction. And it can with side effects such as nervousness, desire for smoke, irritability and sleep problems. However, you can avoid weight gain after smoking by following these tips:

  • Stand by your decision
    • Quitting smoking only makes sense if you decide to do so of their own free will – with any negative side effects that may occur. Make sure you know which one from the beginning health benefits quitting smoking means for you. It may then be easier for you to take a few extra pounds, which may end up on your hips and which you may eventually lose again.
  • Eat a diet rich in vitamins and low in sugar
    • I’m already trying lose weight before you quit smoking and increase vitamin intake. At best, you should seek professional nutrition advice that will advise you accordingly.
    • To prevent increased appetite, you should consider appropriate measures to stop the first tastes. For example, by drinking a glass of water, learning the techniques of conscious breathing, or having pieces of fruit and vegetables on hand.
    • Also prefer rich in vitamins and fiber like low fat and low sugar foods thee. This keeps your blood sugar levels stable and you avoid appetite. Fiber in your diet increases enormously swelling property feeling full. However, you should be careful here enough to drinkto avoid congestion. Suitable foods include oatmeal, wholemeal bread, legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat carefully and avoid large portions
    • take you plenty of time to eat with gusto and slowly. This will let you know in time when you are full.
    • make sure no more calories than before quitting.
    • Don’t eat too much at once, eat hand out your food up to five smaller portions a day.
    • Mache no dietsBecause reduced food intake forces your body to take countermeasures that lead to Yo-yo effect be able to lead.
  • Increase your sports program and move more in everyday life
    • Physical activity will help you burn extra calories.
    • Exercise can help you in stressful situations release accumulated energy and reduce the appetite for sweets. Endurance sports such as hiking, cycling, Nordic walking, swimming or cross-country skiing are suitable.
    • Try more movement in daily life incorporate eg by using more stairs, cycling, evening walking or drinking new hobby you are looking for something that will make you happy and distract you from smoking.
    • Add to relaxation techniques such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi. They can help you become more aware of your body and reduce stress.
  • Avoid sweets as a “substitute drug”
    • are common Stress phase or certain situations associated with reaching for a cigarette. The cell phone rings, the next meeting is waiting, and the usual cigarette returns to old tastes after dinner. as Substitute then they often have to serve sweet or savory goodies that cause calorie intake to skyrocket.
    • Try in times of stress low calorie alternatives found, such as pieces of vegetables or fruits or candy or sugar-free chewing gum.
  • Observe good sleep hygiene
    • Too little sleep can cause the body to become confident Hormone pours out increase appetite. Therefore, ensure a good sleeping atmosphere in the bedroom without disturbing influences and make sure you get enough sleep.
    • Length of night’s sleep seven to eight hours keep your hormones in balance.


Die negative effects of smoking they are becoming more conscious. Many smokers would like to give up their nicotine addiction, but they are afraid of it possible weight gain after quitting smoking. However, if you nutrition take care of yourself appropriate “emergency measures” think about you move enough and on Relaxation and enough sleep If you are careful, you have a good chance of counteracting weight gain.

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