Putin’s mistress appears in St. Petersburg: Rare public appearance – politics abroad

it’s about Vladimir Putin (69) Mistress Alina Kabaeva (39), the list of rumors is long. The former Olympic winner rarely appears in public today.

All the more explosive: Current images of its appearance in Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Surrounded by several companions, she looked at the new Wrubel exhibition (opened in early June). The photos are believed to come from June 11.

Putin’s long-standing affair wore a deliberately casual outfit during her visit: white sneakers and jeans, complete with a Valentino bag priced at around € 5,000.

The former gymnast should be minimal two sons with the Kremlin tyrant – she allegedly gave birth to her first child in 2015 at the Sant’Anna clinic in Ticino, Switzerland. She gave birth to her second son in Moscow in 2019.

Kabaeva (3rd from right), surrounded by her alleged guardsFoto: east2west

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Kabaeva (3rd from right), surrounded by her alleged guardsPhoto: east2west

From 2007 to 2014, Kabaeva was also a member of the Kremlin’s United Russia party and since September 2014 has been chairwoman of the board of the National Media Group, which is loyal to the Kremlin.

Kabaeva (born in Tashkent, today’s Uzbekistan) is said to have a large fortune. Research by the anti-corruption foundation, set up by Putin’s imprisoned opponent Alexei Navalny (45), revealed that several Russian oligarchs had donated real estate, money and other assets to the family of Putin’s lovers – often by roundabout.

A painting of Azrael by the Russian painter Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel († 1910) in the Russian MuseumFoto: IMAGO/ITAR-TASS

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A painting of Azrael by the Russian painter Mikhail Alexandrovich Vrubel († 1910) in the Russian MuseumPhoto: IMAGO / ITAR-TASS

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Western states imposed sanctions on Kabaev.

One thing is clear: these images do not enter the world by accident. The Kremlin is either behind the issue or doesn’t mind. The photos were first shared on the St. Petersburg news website Fontanka.ru, which also publishes Kremlin propaganda.