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Putin’s main propagandists are full of anger!

REASON: Simple text from the Air Force inspector, General Ingo Gerhartz (56). “Putin, don’t play with us!” Gerhartz said at the “Kiel International Seapowers Symposium” and called on NATO to prepare for all scenarios – including the use of nuclear weapons.

Simple text: If necessary, we NATO countries must be prepared to use nuclear weapons if Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69) is the first to do so.

The German general caused a storm of outrage among his propaganda agitators!

Former Russian NATO official and long-time Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin (58) wrote in the Telegram: “German general threatens Russia with nuclear weapons and advises not to ‘mess with Germany’ (…). What’s the date today? Yes, June 20, 2022. “

Then began the tirade: “Recall that Fritz, who allowed himself to threaten us 80 years and 363 days after these lunatics invaded our Earth.”

Rogozin’s threat to General Gerhartz: “Remember that face. Worth it.”

Putin’s chief propagandist: “What about the air defense systems in Berlin?”

Gerhartz’s simple text was also a big topic on Russian television. Vladimir Solovyov, 58, Putin’s age-old chief agitator on state television, took the German general’s remarks as an opportunity for another rampage on a military strike on Germany. “Germany wants to go to war,” Solovyov said in his show. And he asked, “What about the air defense systems in Berlin?”

A few days ago, Solovyov called for an attack on Germany. Now he has repeated this threat. “They supply weapons designed to kill our pilots. Do you think we’re watching a liver sausage (meaning: Olaf Scholz, ed. Note) and saying, ‘Oh, how nice’?

Solowjow: Germany can “enter the war” so that Russia can attack the Germans. Scholz, who “opened his dirty mouth” and called the – fictitious – Ukrainian genocide against the Russians “ridiculous”, should never step on Russian soil again.

Regarding German arms deliveries to Ukraine, he added: “Have them supply everything, including the crew. We will burn and destroy everything and return to Berlin.

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