Prohibition of abortions in Malta Pregnant woman stuck: “Treatment was cruel”

One American was worried in Malta for his own life while the fetus died in it. The story did not have a happy ending.

An American tourist who feared for her life in Malta after complications during pregnancy due to the ban on abortions there was transported to Spain. Andrea Prudente is now out of danger, its partner Jay Weeldreyer told AFP on Friday.

A pregnant 38-year-old woman and her partner were on vacation on a Mediterranean island when her water burst after heavy bleeding. Doctors said the fetus had no chance of surviving, but refused to intervene because of the abortion ban there – although Weeldreyer said the mother’s life was also in danger. Read more here.

A woman mourns a lost child

Prudente was then transferred to Spain, where “she is receiving medical care and treatment that she has been denied in Malta,” Weeldreyer said. Now, when she is out of danger, she mourns the lost child.

Weeldreyer reported how “insensitive” and “cruel” he treated his partner in a hospital in Malta. Tests showed that the placenta partially separated from the uterus and the baby could not survive due to lack of amniotic fluid. Weeldreyer accused the doctors of playing a “dangerous game” with his mother’s life.

Mrs. Prudente was “weak and exhausted, relieved and grieved,” wrote Lara Dimitrijevic’s lawyer on the online service. The case made international headlines and focused on tough laws in Malta, the only country in the EU that directly banned abortion. In Malta, women who perform abortions face up to three years in prison, while doctors who assist them face up to four years in prison.

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