Police identify a second body in the Amazon

Did they have to die because they got in someone’s way? A British journalist was assassinated in Brazil and his companion’s body was now identified. Police are announcing new details.

The remains of a second man discovered in the Amazon region of Brazil have been likened to a missing indigenous expert. The body parts discovered in the border area with Peru and Colombia are the remains of Bruno Pereira, federal police said on Saturday. Identification was based on teeth.

Forensic scientists have previously identified the body of British journalist Dom Phillips. Both men were shot dead, federal police said. Phillips was hit in the chest and stomach, Pereira in the upper body and head.

The suspect brought the police to the remains

The two men last disappeared on their way to the Javari Valley in western Brazil. Three suspects have now been arrested. One admitted involvement in the murder of two men and led the police to human remains.

Phillips researched the book on the protection of the Amazon, the strong economic interests in its use, and various models of development. Pereira recorded illegal activities in the region and reported to the police that he had been threatened several times.

The motive for the alleged murder was initially unclear. Investigators are investigating, among other things, whether the crime is related to illegal fishing or drug trafficking.

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