“People completely disappointed”: Trump’s critics warn of chaos in the 2024 election

“People completely abandoned”
Trump’s critic warns of chaos in the 2024 election

Adam Kinzinger is one of two Republicans on the committee of inquiry into the US Capitol and is now openly attacking his own side. People stayed on the truth. At the presidential election of 2024, Kinzinger has bad thoughts.

Republican Adam Kinzinger, a member of the committee of inquiry into the US Capitol, is hard on his side. “Unfortunately, my party has completely disappointed the American people in terms of the truth, which I regret,” Kinzinger told US television of unfounded allegations by former President Donald Trump and his supporters of election fraud. He warned of the chaos in the presidential election of 2024. One should not only focus on Washington, but also on electoral workers at the regional level. There are people who “do not believe in democracy”.

Of the nine members of Congress on the Committee of Inquiry on January 6, 2021, seven are Democrats and only two are Republicans. Two Republican MPs, Liz Cheney and Kinzinger, are proven Trump critics who have been expelled by them. Kinzinger also posted a death threat letter on Twitter over the weekend, which he said had been sent to him and his family.

Texas Republicans remove Biden from office

The Republican Party in the US state of Texas made headlines over the weekend after meeting in a resolution that does not recognize the results of the 2020 presidential election. “it is written in the document.

On January 6, 2021, Trump’s supporters forcibly attacked the House of Commons in Washington. Congress met there to confirm Biden’s election victory. Five people died in connection with the storm. The Commission should clarify the background. Further public hearings are scheduled for this week.

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