Origin unknown: NASA discovered the crater after the rocket hit the Moon

Origin unknown yet
NASA discovered craters after the rocket hit the moon

NASA has discovered two craters on the lunar surface – they come from an unplanned collision of part of the rocket in early March. It is not yet clear exactly where the rocket comes from. Experts point to China.

More than three months after the collision, NASA observations confirmed for the first time the unplanned impact of part of the rocket on the moon. NASA said that images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter can show two craters from the impact on March 4. The eastern crater has a diameter of 18 meters, the western 16 meters. The impact on the far side of the Moon could not be observed or measured live at the beginning of March, because at that time there were no corresponding probes, telescopes or measuring instruments.

The discovery of the two craters was “unexpected,” it is said, suggesting that it is a rocket that carries a larger load at both ends. This could suggest the identity of the rocket – because what exactly hit the moon was still unclear at first. At first there was talk of a part of the SpaceX rocket, but then the scientists corrected it: It was part of an old Chinese rocket, probably the launch vehicle of the mission “Chang’e 5-T1”, which was launched in 2014. The Earth was launched into space. However, China has denied the reports.

However, after analyzing the recordings, it is now clear that this object does not come from the NASA mission, said a spokesman for the US space agency. The impact is the first known unplanned collision of part of a rocket with the Moon, but in the past there have been several planned impacts for research purposes.

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