One waits five days at a gas station – and dies

Sometimes people in Sri Lanka have to wait days in front of gas stations to get fuel. This has ended fatally for several people.

According to police, a 63-year-old man died in Sri Lanka while waiting at a gas station. He waited in his car for five days and then died Thursday, police said. Shortly before his death in Anguruwatota, about 70 kilometers southeast of the capital Colombo, the man complained of chest pain.

According to the staff of the local hospital, where his body was transported and declared dead, he was believed to have died of a heart attack due to a long stay in intense heat.

Eleven people died while waiting at gas stations

Long queues have been forming in front of gas stations in the island state south of India for weeks. It is not uncommon for people to wait in their cars for several days to fill up. According to official information, at least 11 other people have died in Sri Lanka while waiting at petrol stations.

The island state is currently going through the worst economic crisis in decades, is heavily indebted, and therefore has difficulty importing important goods such as food, medicine, gas and fuel. The government has asked for help from India and China, among others, as well as international organizations.

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