ÖGK-Huss: Promoting obesity to change lifestyle more effective than current drugs

Legal measures are needed to support people and not punish them

Vienna (OTS) According to OECD data, the incidence of obesity is constantly rising in Austria as well as worldwide. Compared to other countries, Austria is 2% above the OECD average for overweight young people. It is clear from the scientific debate that there are legal measures to prevent this trend. Public health measures, such as better food labeling, restrictions on unhealthy food advertising and pricing policy measures, are particularly effective. These preventive measures are effective and support the healthy growth of all young people. In combination, overweight or obese people should be encouraged to change their lifestyle.

ÖGK Employee Chairman Andreas Huss: “The Austrian health insurance company currently has a very good offer for overweight people and supports them by changing their lifestyle with multi-professional teams. We want to further expand these offers and expand our budget for prevention and health promotion from 1.4% of expenditures to 5%. Because every euro for prevention will triple. “

In the Länder, there are offers and projects that have long supported the disabled and their families with multidisciplinary teams to change lifestyles and integrate healthy nutrition, regular exercise and relaxation into the daily routine. Project support teams such as “easykids” in Salzburg or “Down & Up” in Carinthia consist of movement experts, occupational therapists, dietitians, psychologists and doctors. Drug treatment is not the focus of these conditions.

Andreas Huss: “If the change in lifestyle does not really work and there are urgent medical reasons, the health insurance company will also pay for the operation and follow-up care. There are some medicines on the market that are not reimbursed or have even been rejected by the Medicines Evaluation Committee, in which the Medical Chamber and the Pharmacy Chamber are also represented. Unfortunately, the diet pill does not exist yet. “

Over and over again, there are ideas for getting overweight people and blaming individuals. Sanitary sanctions and forefinger play have actually been obsolete since the 1990s, but some actors are still delving into the oil finger. This also applies to the new proposal to increase family allowances for families with slender children.

Andreas Huss: “At this point, all experts should be aware that punishment cannot provoke internal motivation. Public health legislation and support for lifestyle change are needed to prevent the spread of obesity. If we create an obesity alliance for these measures, we can reach out and positively motivate many people. ÖGK is a reliable partner. However, all policy areas are needed for this. Health in all policies is the solution of the day, especially when it comes to obesity. Now would be the time. ”

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