“Now they are fighting as we expected”: military experts see a significant change in Russian tactics – politics

According to military experts, Ukraine is in the middle of one of the most dangerous periods of the Russian offensive war. They base this on the fact that Russia has made significant progress by changing its approach.

Military expert Michael Kofman says Russia has clearly learned from the first weeks of the war. In the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Russian troops have suffered a large part of the losses so far during the war.

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“Now the Russians are fighting as we expected,” Kofman said in the War on the Rocks podcast. Kofman has published several books and articles on the Russian armed forces over the past few years, most recently on the war in Ukraine. “Russia is no longer making stupid mistakes and can adapt to Ukraine’s actions.”

In the first weeks of the war, Russian troops were surprised by attacks on a convoy that brought supplies to areas around Kiev. “They are fighting better now and they are doing well in the areas where they fought.” Logistics works much better, ”says Kofman.

After initial difficulties in Donbass, Russia has now managed to repair the supply route. The railway now even runs through large sections of the route from a military base in Russian Belgorod to Izyum, the gateway to the Donbas.

Kofman notes that the supply of supplies means that Russia can now attack Sievarodonetsk almost continuously, which does not give Ukrainians any breaks they need to gather and launch a counteroffensive. As happened in Kiev.

However, the truth is that Ukraine is currently running out of weapons. In particular, artillery and anti-aircraft missiles are missing, the Ukrainian army reports. President Volodymyr Zelensky recently said that his country would not be able to defend itself without the supply of additional heavy weapons.

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“Looking at the first few weeks of the war rarely gives a good picture of what the party is capable of,” says Kofmann. However, the challenge for Russia in the Donbas is currently great. Because it seems that Russian troops want to surround the Ukrainians. To do this, on the one hand, it must keep the Ukrainian armed forces in its pocket with a continuous attack and, on the other hand, close the four sides.

Former US General Mick Ryan suspects that Russia’s main focus is on acquiring land – not destroying Ukrainian forces at all costs. The goal, of course, is to conquer the entire Luhansk region. Russia justified the military operation in Ukraine by ensuring security in the Donbas. According to Ryan, the liquidation of Ukrainians on the ground would not fit into this story.

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