Murder in the Amazon: A ship found killed by a journalist

Murder in the Amazon
A ship found by a killed journalist

In the case of a killed journalist and indigenous expert in the Amazon region, the suspect leads the investigators to the ship of two victims. It is 20 meters deep and 30 meters from the river bank – according to police, loaded with six sandbags.

After the murders of journalist Dom Phillips and indigenous expert Bruno Pereira, the victim’s ship was found in the Brazilian Amazon. According to the Amazon police, it was discovered on Sunday evening at a depth of 20 meters, 30 meters from the river bank. Six sandbags were loaded. One of the suspects in the case handed over the site to investigators.

According to the Brazilian federal police, five other suspects allegedly participated in the disappearance of the bodies of the British Phillips and the Brazilian Pereira. Three suspects have been arrested so far. Phillips and Pereira got lost on June 5 on an excursion in the Brazilian Amazon. In the Javari Valley, they searched for a book on violence against indigenous peoples and the sustainable protection of rainforests. Ten days later, the suspect took the police to a place where he said he had buried their bodies. The human remains found there were eventually assigned to two missing persons.

According to the police, they were shot. According to Brazilian authorities, no criminal gangs were involved in the crime. Indigenous representatives do not agree with this version. The Javari Valley Indigenous Union (Unijava), for which Pereira has worked for the past few years, said the crime was “a powerful criminal group.”

The Javari Valley is considered dangerous due to widespread drug trafficking, illegal fishing and gold panning. According to experts, drug traffickers control illegal fishing in endangered species and use it to launder money.

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