Merkel says Putin could wait until the end of his chancellor’s post to attack

ANDAngela Merkel admitted that her influence on Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had waned shortly before she left office. “It was clear that I would not be in office for a long time, so I simply have to say that the various attempts in the past year have had no effect,” the former chancellor told Germany’s (RND) news network.

Putin was no longer willing to hold a summit in the so-called Norman format with representatives of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France, the CDU politician said. “On the other hand, I have not been able to create an additional European-Russian discussion format on the European Security Code in addition to the Normand format.” Russia attacked neighboring Ukraine on 24 February. Since then, there has been a costly war, which Russia calls only military special operations.

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Asked if she would be available as a mediator to resolve the conflict, Merkel replied, “This question does not arise at the moment.” . “My departure could have benefited, such as the elections in France, the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the suspension of the Minsk agreement,” she said.

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