Malta: Pregnant American tourist travels to Mallorca due to abortion ban – News Abroad

Her unborn child’s heart was still beating – but doctors in Malta declared the fetus in the stomach of American vacationer Andrey Prudente, 38, to be non-viable. However, instead of performing an abortion to protect the mother, doctors refused the procedure, citing strict rules on abortion. Prudente lived for days in fear that her own pregnancy complications would endanger her life.

Now there is a turning point that should at least save Andrea from an even worse course: On Thursday (June 23), Prudente and her partner Jay Weeldreyer (45), with whom he is in Malta, learned that an abortion would be performed now. in Spain it can – more precisely: in Mallorca. Newspaper reports “Times in Malta“.

This picture was taken at the beginning of a holiday in Malta.  Prudente was in the 16th week of pregnancyFoto: Jay Weeldreyer/AP

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This picture was taken at the beginning of her vacation in Malta. Prudente was in the 16th week of pregnancyPhoto: Jay Weeldreyer / AP

Weeldreyer told the paper that they were “very relieved” that there was now hope that the drama would end. As early as June 12, his girlfriend had complications (including bleeding) – since then, the couple has repeatedly asked for an abortion.

But doctors’ hands are tied: Malta has the strictest abortion laws in the EU. Anyone who aborts can face up to three years in prison. Andrea Prudente and her partner basically had to hope that the heart of their unborn child would soon stop beating.

The reduction of this torturous waiting time is now in sight: doctors have strongly recommended staying in a hospital in Malta. But against the medical advice to wait and not have an abortion, the couple has now released. Insurance of both covers the cost of treatment in Spain.

Her lawyer Lara Dimitrijevic said: “We must not forget that this is a desired pregnancy. Andrea goes through a lot mentally. But here in Malta, doctors have their hands tied because, by law, they would commit a crime if they aborted their pregnancy. This case underlines the need to decriminalize abortions. “

Prudente is now out of danger, its partner Jay Weeldreyer told AFP on Friday. Now, when she is out of danger, she mourns the lost child. Weeldreyer reported how “insensitive” and “cruel” his partner was being treated at a hospital in Malta.

In Malta, women who perform abortions face up to three years in prison, while doctors who assist them face up to four years in prison.

Predominantly Catholic Malta is the only country in the EU that directly bans abortion, even if the fetus has no chance of surviving. Opponents of abortion claim that abortion is against the nature of the female body – regardless of the circumstances.