Mallorca: drinking tourism at Ballermann worse than before Corona – news from abroad

They hoped that Corona would bring about cultural change in Mallorca. They wanted to attract a new type of vacationers. He who behaves well in the environment and appreciates the local food. But the change did not last.

According to entrepreneurs, drunken tourism around Ballermann is even worse than before the coronavirus pandemic. “Once the big party temples were reopened, this new type of vacationers was pushed out by the old party crowd,” says Juan Miguel Ferrer of “Última Hora”.

Ferrer is the CEO of the Higher Quality Initiative in Playa de Palma. Unfortunately, this positive development among clients ended on May 10, he says. “Since then, we have suffered from the arrival of large groups of tourists who just want to get drunk on the streets, on the promenade or on the beach.”

“They arrive at the hotels around 10:00 and they can’t leave until 14:00, they are completely drunk and even the companions leave them alone on the sidewalk,” says Ferrer.

Drunk tourists usually booked ten days in advance and stayed on the island for an average of three to four nights. He spends only 30 to 40 euros a day, Ferrer said. Most of the money goes to alcohol. At 4:00, tourists can still be heard having fun, sometimes with megaphones, which inexplicably continue to sell freely.

Ferrer’s initiative warns that urgent action is needed to stop the rising tide of tourists repeating the same old behavior, which is even worse than in previous years: “We have already written off the season as a loss when it comes to controlling excesses. The police, which “are already making a special effort”, must also enforce stricter rules in the streets.

Several restaurants and bars in the area have already introduced a dress code, writes “Última Hora”. More relaxation is allowed during the day. But if you walk in a football jersey or topless in the evening, they won’t let you into luxury bars.

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