Luisa Neubauer is shocked by domestic politics with her book on bombs – more climatic climates

Radical alarm in “Friday for the future” (FFF)!

Prominent climate activist Luisa Neubauerová (26) will cause a stir with an explosive sentence. “We are planning to blow up the pipeline,” Neubauer said with a laugh on the Internet (“We are planning how to blow up a pipeline”).

Are climate activists flirting with attacks and terror now?

Neubauer himself does not want punishment to be seen as a call for violence. The East African pipeline she mentioned “doesn’t even exist yet,” a BILD activist said. And it makes it clear: the building has to be “blown up”.

Neubauer ironed criticism of her choice of words on Twitter: “Jesus Mary, this is a book.”

The book the activist refers to is called How to Blow a Pipe. Author: Swedish scientist and activist Andreas Malm (44).

How to blow up a pipe book coverFoto: Verso Books

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How to blow up a pipe book coverPhoto: Verso Books

So fuss for nothing? You’re kidding, you mean it when you say it! The climate manifesto is a handful of the most radical theses and calls for violence.

► “Is there another phase after the peaceful protest?” Malm asks. His answers: Activists should “demolish, burn, blow up” devices that emit CO2.

► It is “high time that the movement took a more decisive step from protest to resistance,” Malm said, referring to RAF terrorist Ulrike Meinhof († 1976).

In the 1970s, the RAF assassinated President Hanners-Martin Schleyer and banker Jürgen Pont, among others.

► In his book, Malm also repeatedly praises the “resistance” of Palestinian terrorists who have been burning Israeli fields for years with the help of home-made dragons.

Especially tasteless: Malm likens violent climate activism to the struggle of Jews in the Warsaw ghetto in 1943. There, Jews revolted against the Nazis. The heroic resistance of Jewish fighters “can be transferred to the climate,” Malm said.

The climate activist did not answer BILD’s question as to whether Neubauer shared the thesis of the book she quoted.

Interior expert Stefan Heck (39, CDU) is concerned. “That’s the language of a terrorist organization,” Heck warns in BILD. A Bundestag MP calls for the consequences: “Our security authorities must now look closely at the FFF.”

In the current annual report, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns against an “attempt to influence climate protests” by left-wing extremists. The FFF takes the name of the radical criminal group as a model: “Friday for sabotage”.