Letter to the editor: Combinations of diseases play an important role

June 20, 2022 – This rather confirms that Corona is judged according to the same criteria as any other serious infectious disease in the epidemic. So specifically, according to their special properties, just like any other disease, they also differ.

This is exactly what the pollen allergy assessment shows. Pollen allergy has been shown to be more at risk for coronavirus if they have symptoms of hay fever. And because the symptoms of hay fever are similar to the omicron variant of the infection, the corona infection may remain undetected until it is too late. Therefore, patients with hay fever are often tested daily on the corona, which is in itself expensive for private health insurance (PKV) at the latest, when the tests are no longer free.

But these are criteria that are also used for any other disease. No one said that Corona would be treated like a trivial disease. Rather, Corona is judged by standards that are generally used for other diseases.

With private health insurance, the risk of costs is always closely monitored. And it is the combination of diseases that would not in themselves be assessed as risky play an important role in accurate risk assessment. For example, when the combined risk premium is much higher than the sum of the individual disease risk premiums, or the combination itself leads to a rejection.

Petr Schramm


to the editor’s letter: “Massive surcharges and direct rejections”.


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