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Asunción: The number of people infected with Covid has been increasing for several weeks, mainly due to a severe cold. Apparently, despite great care and vaccination, the virus still clots immunized people. Sick despite vaccinations?

This is the case of TV announcer and presenter Florence Gismondi, who complained on social networks because she recently tested positive for Covid-19, although she paid close attention, always wore a mask and had her 3 doses against the virus.

“I wear a veil, wash my hands, have two basic vaccinations and one revaccination, but I have just tested positive for Covid-19 and have some symptoms. Take care, I don’t know when I stopped taking care of myself, but obviously I did, “Gismondi wrote on the social network, claiming that the virus had been infected for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

“I had a negative flu test. I did a test for 5 viruses and I came out positive on Covid-19, “she added, informing about the symptoms she suffers from:” Body pain, high fever, cough, cold, nausea, sore throat and ear. “

Gimsondi, like countless media figures, celebrated with great pomp the fact that he had received his first dose of vaccine against Covid, and urged all television viewers to follow. She even had a picture taken during the vaccination. The Ministry of Health also used the photograph to motivate citizens to immunize against coronavirus.

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