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Kiev criminal thriller in the Kremlin!

According to BILD am SONNTAG, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD) is planning a visit to the Ukrainian capital. Together with French President Emmanuel Macron (44) and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (74), Scholz wants to visit Ukraine for the first time since the Russian attack.

The visit caused a stir not only in the EU and Kiev – but also in Moscow, the center of power of the Kremlin despot Vladimir Putin (69). Propaganda is already burning in all the cylinders, in the Kremlin every detail of the journey is closely monitored.

Is the EU troika clearly behind Ukraine? Or are Scholz, Macron, and Draghi tired of the war?

In BILD, experts and politicians explain why Scholz’s visit to Kiev is so important to General Putin.

Scenario 1: Support for Ukraine

The Kremlin fears a clear EU Troika commitment to Ukraine, explains Andreas Umland, an analyst at the Stockholm Center for Eastern European Studies. “This is a fateful visit. The fact that the heads of state and government of the largest Western European countries will come to Kiev will be crucial for the relationship between the EU and Ukraine, but also with Russia.

An expert on Eastern Europe is cautiously optimistic: “Just that Scholz, Macron and Draghi are traveling to Kiev is a good sign.”

BECAUSE: “Germany, France and Italy were considered reliable partners of Russia. Putin had a special relationship with Gerhard Schröder, Silvio Berlusconi and Jacques Chirac – they were his most important advocates in the West, “said Umland BILD.

“If Scholz, Macron and Draghi of all the people now clearly stand by Ukraine, it will be an important signal for the Russian elite.”

Scenario 2: The West is tired of war

If Scholz, Macron and Draghi lack strong signs of support, it is considered a sign of weakness in Moscow, says Sergei Sumlenny, an expert on Eastern Europe and former head of the Böll Foundation in Kiev.

“Putin is following this path with great interest,” Sumlenny told BILD. It was clear that he could not win the war militarily. Putin’s “only hope, then, is that Western military support to Ukraine will decline.” Consequences: a “frozen conflict” or a “rotten compromise” to which the “war-torn West” is forcing Ukraine.

An expert on Eastern Europe doubts that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (44) could accept such a compromise – such as candidate status for EU membership in exchange for a ceasefire. According to Sumlenny, that would be “a triumph for Putin and a certain death for Ukraine.” 90 percent of Ukrainians would not support it.

CDU: Scholz needs to explain his position

Defense politician Henning Otte (53, CDU) demands from Chancellor Scholz “a clear signal of European unity on the part of President Selensky and the Ukrainian people” against “Putin’s warfare.” Otte criticizes the three-way journey without “our Eastern European EU members” and calls for transparency: “Chancellor Scholz should also explain his position in the German Bundestag so that his position is clear.”

Historian Jan Claas Behrends (including the European University in Frankfurt am Main) attaches historical significance to Scholz’s visit to Kiev. “After German and European politicians – especially Angela Merkel – have been sending bad signals to the Kremlin for more than a decade, a German-French-Italian visit to Kiev may be the last chance to correct the course,” Behrends said.

An expert on Eastern Europe says: “There is nothing less at stake than the credibility of the EU itself.” Scholz, Macron and Draghi “should no longer make promises to Ukraine that have not been kept in the end. Then even more confidence would be lost and the Kremlin could triumph. “

Before the trip, Kremlin propaganda seeks to discredit politicians’ visits to Kiev. Vladimir Solovyov, one of Putin’s main propagandists, shared a post on his Telegram channel (more than 1.1 million subscribers), stating: “There is no Macron-Scholz plan!”

While Macron may still have plans, Scholz is, according to the propaganda channel of politicians, who decides only in the current situation. The West needs a ceasefire in Ukraine “like breathing air” and fears “direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict”.

Propaganda motto: The West will not meet the allegedly exaggerated demands of Ukrainians just for fear of Russia …

Green politician Marieluise Beck (69) is currently in Ukraine. In BILD, he explains that no task is possible for Ukrainians: “We are just visiting Kharkov, the most ruined city after Mariupol. When we ask people if it would not be better to stop fighting, they look at us incomprehensibly. Their answer is, ‘We are not fighting for territory, we are fighting for our freedom.’ You know how things work in the occupied territories: terror, torture, rape, despotism.

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