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Mallorca, Sardinia, Ibiza or rather Bali? Agony in choosing where to go for your next vacation. The destination isn’t that important, but what really matters is that it’s the best vacation ever. You need good flights, maximum relaxation, perfect temperatures, good value for money, etc. In short: a holiday has to make up for what accumulates in a year; namely, all that stress, all the tension, the many hours of work and the resulting exhaustion. Many people get sick on vacation – is it just individual bad luck and coincidence, or is there some social reason why a cold, for example, strikes all the time?

Leisure sickness or so-called leisure sickness

The phenomenon of getting sick when you are finally on vacation is called leisure sickness. Research shows that there may be different reasons, but stress is at the root of all of them. Some employees feel guilty about unfinished work and are unable to shut down. Others will notice only on vacation, when the stress of everyday life is less, that you are actually sick. Others want to have the perfect vacation, so they are more stressed about planning than is good for them. In situations of increased stress, the bronchi in the body expand so that more oxygen can be absorbed. This will change your breath and make your heart beat faster and faster. If a person is repeatedly exposed to such stressful situations for a long time, the following effects may occur:

  • heartbeat or heartbeat
  • sweat
  • Feeling dizzy, dizziness or fainting
  • Hot flushes or chills
  • Shortness of breath, suffocation or shortness of breath
  • Tightness in the neck or chest
  • nausea or abdominal pain

Having these symptoms for a long time can lead to diseases such as tinnitus, burnout, diabetes, etc.
The increased risk of illness on vacation is also known as the “open window effect”. On vacation, high levels of adrenaline, triggered by constant stress, fall, and the immune system recovers. As a result, the body is more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. This phenomenon is evident not only in individuals but also in our society. The pressure to perform at work and the constant confrontation with stress are deeply rooted in capitalism.

Enjoy your vacation

Of course, a holiday doesn’t automatically mean you get sick. Nevertheless, there are a few tips on how to proceed so you can start your free time fit.

  • Reduce stress: reduce stress in advance and reduce exercise through exercise and conscious leisure time
  • Process to-do lists: Lists can always help you keep track of what you really need to do before your vacation
  • observe hygienic measures: If Corona taught us anything, it is. Wash your hands, keep your distance, wear masks if necessary
  • work in progress: Don’t be afraid of unfinished business. Most tasks are just as easy to manage after a holiday
  • Relaxation: even in everyday life you should relax again and again. It is best to take short breaks from time to time

Either way, stress should always be avoided in everyday life. There are also various methods that help reduce daily stress. It is advisable to sunbathe all year round and enjoy your free time as best you can.

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