Israel warns its citizens in Istanbul against Iranian killing teams – News Abroad

Is Iranian terrorism threatening Turkish soil?

Israel expects Iranian agents to attack its citizens in the Turkish capital Istanbul this weekend. There are concrete signs of the attacks, Israeli media reported on Friday night, citing high-ranking officials.

Israeli tourists should therefore leave Istanbul as soon as possible. Anyone who cannot walk should stay in their hotel room, lock the door and not open it to strangers.

Israel issued a travel warning to Turkey at the end of May due to the threat of attacks. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi announced retaliation after a shooting at a member of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Tehran. Iran blames Israel and the United States. Tehran considers Israel to be its main enemy.

Israeli media reported that Israeli and Turkish security forces searched the streets of Istanbul for attackers on Friday. Iranians and Turkish recruits are said to be looking for Israelis at all costs.

The Haaretz newspaper reported that several cells were working on the attacks at the same time. It could therefore be difficult for security forces to thwart all attacks.

According to its own statements, Israel has recently prevented several plans to attack from Tehran – including an assassination attempt on a US general in Germany. According to information from several media, there are currently about 2,000 Israelis in Turkey.

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