In the hardware store in all places: a boy (4) uses an exhibition toilet for big business – news

You may have never thought about this possibility – but we guarantee you: From now on, every time you visit the hardware store, you will live in fear that your child might suddenly dial the same number …

Toilet alarm at a hardware store in Glastonbury, England: A young family was visiting the B&Q chain with their three young children and walking through the plumbing department when the accident occurred.

For their oldest, four-year-old Jacob, it suddenly couldn’t go fast enough: he saw one of the toilets on display, opened the toilet lid, and – just like at home – just did his big business.

“We just wanted to buy a clothesline, we turned around and J. was already sitting in one of the toilets. I ran to tell him to go down, but it was too late, “Jacob’s mother Caroline wrote on Facebook. All she could do was run to the car and get some napkins without laughing too much.

Close your eyes and through: Papa Aaron can clean up his son's messFoto: Jam Press

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Close your eyes and through: Papa Aaron can clean up his son’s messPhoto: Jam Press

And because parents are responsible for their children, Caroline’s mother was allowed to clean the toilet first for her son and then for Dad Aaron.

And Jacob, of course, did what four-year-olds do whenever something goes wrong: “He tried to blame his sister. She told him it was okay to use the toilet, “Caroline said.

“It was awkward at first, but then it got funnier and funnier,” the couple told British Breakfast TV.

And at least there was no admonition from the hardware management …