Illegal pressure on Vice: Former adviser: Trump wanted to “steal democracy”

The pressure on Vice is illegal
Former adviser: Trump wanted to “steal democracy”

Former US President Trump tried in an unprecedented way to reverse his election defeat in 2020. He put enormous pressure on Pence’s vice. Former Pence and Trump’s advisers now also condemn this. There is talk of the danger of a “revolution” and a “constitutional crisis.”

Former US President Donald Trump’s attempts to urge his deputy, Mike Pence, to reverse the election result were illegal, according to former government advisers. Pence’s adviser at the time, Greg Jacob, told a commission of inquiry into the attack on the US Capitol that the intensive review at the time concluded that “there is no reasonable basis for concluding that the vice president has such authority.”

Retired Judge Michael Luttig, whose advice Pence sought on the matter, said that if Pence heeded Trump’s call at the time, it would plunge America into a “revolution” and a “constitutional crisis.” He said in a written statement that Trump and his allies were well aware that he had lost the 2020 presidential election. Nevertheless, they claimed that he had won the election and tried to reverse the result. The “treacherous plan” was to “steal American democracy.”

The committee again showed videos of previous witness statements in which Trump’s advisers at the time rejected the theory that Pence could reverse Trump’s election defeat during a formal procedure in Congress. Former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann called the theory “absolutely insane.” He said to one of Trump’s advisers, John Eastman, who was pushing the idea, “Are you crazy?” He also warned Eastman that it would “cause riots in the streets.”

Several people died in the attack on the parliament building

On January 6, 2021, supporters of then-Republican President Trump stormed the seat of parliament in Washington. The US Congress met there to formally confirm the election victory of Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The violent crowd wanted to prevent it. Several people died in the attack. At the time, Pence chaired a congressional meeting in his role as vice president – a legally purely ceremonial task. Trump had previously openly called on his deputy to block the procedure – to help him win the election.

Shortly before the attack on the US Capitol, Trump re-urged his supporters that his election victory had been stolen. He also explicitly provoked his supporters against Pence. At the time, they were looking for a vice president in the building, whom they identified as a traitor and threatened to hang him because he did not prevent Biden’s confirmation.

Democratic Commissioner of Inquiry Bennie Thompson paid tribute to Pence’s position. “He kept up the pressure,” Thompson said. “He knew it was illegal. He knew it was wrong.” The country can be considered lucky that the then vice president was so brave. “This courage puts him in great danger.” Thompson warned: “On January 6, democracy came dangerously close to disaster.”

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