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Testosterone deficiency: consequences and treatment options

Millions of men are lacking male hormone testosterone handicapped. If left untreated, this deficiency could have serious health consequences. The urologist explains Effects of testosterone deficiency.

Dr. Gregory Broderick is a prestigious urologist Mayo Clinic in USA. In a recent article, the institution expert explains how and Mangel testosterone on male health may affect.

Testosterone levels decrease with age

As Dr. Broderick explains, testosterone is an important male hormone responsible for properties such as hair growth, muscle mass and a deeper voice. From one Testosterone levels fall around the age of 40 but gradually.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency

“The main complaint I see as a urologist is a lack of interest in sexual function.”stressed Dr. Broderick. But also fatigue, Changes in mental performance, lower endurance and very often mild depression According to the urologist, it goes hand in hand with declining testosterone levels.

In rare cases, testosterone levels are low infertility in connection. “However, the presence of these symptoms or characteristics is not an automatic diagnosis.”they are Dr. Broderick consider.

Confirm the diagnosis with a blood test

Because, according to him, not all men are equally dependent on testosterone. “It’s very important that the diagnosis is based on symptoms, but also on serum testosterone levels in the blood.”emphasizes the specialist.

How is testosterone deficiency treated?

According to Dr. Broderick is the most common method for Treatment of low testosterone levels cream applied to the upper arm. However, testosterone can also be given in the form of injections or tablets.

Rapid improvement with treatment

“Each of these options is designed to bring testosterone levels back to normal.”, reports a urologist. Already inside 48 to 72 hours after ingestion, most patients face one improvement Dr. Broderick from his practical experience.

He encourages men who have symptoms of low testosterone levels to talk to a specialist about these problems. In most cases, low testosterone levels are easy to treat. (vb)

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