Hit by lightning while walking – mom and dogs dead – News from abroad

She wanted to walk her two dogs, it was a complete morning routine – the same streets, the same trees. But then a storm broke out …

Antonia Mendoza Chavez († 52) is now dead, struck by lightning. None of her animals survived the crash. The accident happened in the city of Pico Rivera in Southern California with 63,000 inhabitants.

At 8:50 a.m., they found the body of a 52-year-old passerby near the riverbed and made an emergency call. However, rescuers could only determine the deaths of the American and both animals. The camera on the door of the house took pictures of Chavez leaving the property with two dogs.

Antonia Mendoza Chavez († 52) leaves the house with her dogs.  These are probably the last recordings to show an American aliveFoto: FOX 11

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These security camera footage are probably the last recordings to show an American alivePhoto: FOX 11

There was an extremely strong storm at night on that fateful Wednesday (June 22). According to the American media, 3,700 lightning bolts were registered in the region within a few hours.

Residents were shocked by the death of Mendoza Chavez. One woman said, “I told my granddaughter and her friend not to go to school on foot. I drive her there. ”She didn’t think anything like that could really happen. “It’s scary.”

A city spokesman called on residents to stay inside if possible.