Hit by Danish missiles: Ukraine reports tugboat sinking

Hit by Danish missiles
Ukraine reports tugboat sinking

Ukraine claims to have caused another loss to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Odessa’s military governor reports that the tug “Vassily Bech” sank on his way to “Snake Island” after being shelled by “Harpoon” missiles.

The tugboat of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, hit by Ukrainian missiles, sank, according to Ukrainian authorities. The tug “Vasily Bech” was damaged by Ukrainian missiles. “It was later revealed that he had sunk,” Odessa military governor Maxym Marchenko said in a video speech on his Telegram channel. There is no confirmation of the sinking from Russian or independent sources.

The Ukrainian navy reported shelling on Friday. Accordingly, the ship, which was put into operation only in 2017 and equipped with the “Tor” air defense system, was hit by “Harpoon” missiles and seriously damaged. Denmark has delivered anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. The smuggler was therefore on his way to the strategically important “snake island” with military equipment, which has been occupied by Russian troops since the end of February. According to the Ukrainian navy, “Vasily Bech” was to bring ammunition, weapons and soldiers to the island.

The “Vasily Bech” would not be the first ship lost by the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the war against Ukraine. The loss of the landing ship “Saratov” and the missile cruiser “Moscow” was confirmed by the Russian side. Above all, the sinking of “Moscow” as the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was a painful loss for the Russian Navy. “Moscow” sank in mid-April after a fire on “Snake Island”. While Russia has not provided any further explanation as to the causes of the fire, Ukraine claims to have shot down the cruiser with anti-ship missiles.

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