Heavy fighting is lowering morale: desertion is said to be causing Ukraine problems

Heavy battles lower morale
Desertion is said to be causing Ukraine problems

Since the beginning of the war, there have been repeated reports that Russian soldiers disobeyed orders and avoided fighting. According to the British Ministry of Defense, it now seems that the morale of Ukrainian troops is suffering from wear and tear battles in the Donbas.

According to British intelligence experts, intense fighting in the Donbas affects the morale of soldiers on both sides of the Ukrainian war. “Ukrainian forces have probably suffered from desertions in recent weeks, but it is highly likely that Russian morale in particular remains plagued by problems,” the daily said. Intelligence updates on the war in Ukraine by the Ministry of Defense in London.

Since the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine about four months ago, there have been repeated reports of desertion by Russian soldiers. “There are still cases where entire Russian troops refuse to obey orders, and armed confrontations between officers and soldiers continue,” the statement said.

The reasons for low Russian morale are, among other things, in the leadership, which is perceived as bad, limited opportunities for relief from the front, very large losses, stress, poor logistics and problems with payment.

The front line has hardly changed

According to the ministry, both sides have continued heavy artillery shelling in the north, east and south of the Sievarodon pocket in the east of the country in recent days. The front line is said to have hardly changed.

In its situation report on Saturday evening, the Ukrainian General Staff announced that Russian troops had acquired territory in a bitter battle for the eastern Ukrainian city of Sievjerodonetsk and entered the suburbs. “By shelling and attacking, the enemy achieved partial success in the village of Metjolkine and tried to establish themselves there.” The village is southeast of Sievjerodonetsk.

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