Heat in Europe: The first German record was broken

Status: 19.06.2022 18:35

A temperature record of 39.2 degrees was set in Cottbus. The heat wave will continue in other parts of Germany and southern Europe – at least for the time being: the first cooling takes place at the beginning of the week.

The first heat wave this year was under control of much of Germany and southwestern Europe with extreme temperatures over the weekend. According to preliminary measurements at several weather stations in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg, the German Meteorological Service (DWD) recorded values ​​of 38 degrees and more in the afternoon. A new all-German temperature record for the second decade of June was set at 39.2 degrees in Cottbus.

The temporary peak value at the meteorological station in the East Brandenburg city of Cottbus exceeded the current maximum by almost one degree. The previous record for this period was measured in 2002 with 38.3 degrees in the Rhineland.

Several states affected

In many places, temperatures were just below 38 degrees. According to the meteorological service, between 3 pm and 37 degrees in the wide belt from Upper Rhine in Baden-Württemberg through southern Hesse and Bavaria to southern East Germany was registered at 3 pm in the afternoon. As the day progressed, many regions were threatened by heavy storms and sometimes heavy rain.

A forest fire broke out near the small town of Treuenbrietzen in Brandenburg and two districts were evacuated. Firefighting was hampered by strong winds and the fact that the affected area was partially contaminated with ammunition, so the emergency services could only move on secured roads.

temperature drop in the north

In contrast, the north and northwest of Germany were under the influence of the cold front over the weekend, in Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein they reached values ​​between twelve and 15 degrees on Sunday afternoon, especially by the sea. . It was also only around 20 degrees in North Rhine-Westphalia.

High temperatures also in southern Europe

in France The Météo France meteorological service spoke of the first heat wave since 1947. New temperature records were set for June in eleven areas. In Biarritz, southwestern France, the highest value since the beginning of the record was 42.9 degrees.

in Spain Forest fires devastated more than 20,500 hectares of land in the Sierra de la Culebra in the northwest, 14 cities were temporarily evacuated.

in Northern Italy Because the Po Valley is suffering from the worst drought in 70 years, several communities have distributed water for rations. According to the Coldiretti agricultural association, the country’s dairy cows currently produce ten percent less milk than normal due to the heat.

Experts see climate change as the cause

According to scientists, the increase in heat waves and drought is a direct consequence of global warming. The intensity and duration and frequency of these phenomena are increasing. Climate change is leading to earlier heat waves, explained Clare Nullis of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva.

“Unfortunately, what we are seeing today is a harbinger of the future,” unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, the expert warned. According to the WMO, the number of serious weather disasters increased fivefold between 1970 and 2019.

Partial cooling at the beginning of the week

According to DWD, the week begins in large parts of Germany with showers and colder temperatures. In the west and north it begins with variable clouds with sunny intervals, in the northeast there may be occasional showers and short thunderstorms. In the middle of the country, there will first be thunderstorms, which will gradually weaken during the day.

In the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms are also expected in the south. According to meteorologists, it should cool than in previous days: in the northern half it will warm to 17 to 24 degrees, otherwise the rest of the country is expected to be 24 to 30 degrees. In the south, they could reach a maximum of 33 degrees.

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