Habeck on gas supplies: “It’s not like we’re defenseless either”

Status: 06/16/2022 22:15

The fact that Russia is running out of gas is a well-known formula, said Economy Minister Habeck daily topics-Conversation. One thing is important to keep the gas tanks full in the winter: saving energy.

Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck has once again called on businesses and citizens to save energy. Security of gas supply is guaranteed in the near future – despite recent shortcomings in the amount of gas supplied by the Russian energy company Gazprom, said Habeck daily topics.

“It’s not like we’re defenseless,” said Robert Habeck, the federal economy minister, about cutting gas supplies.

daily topics 22:35, 16.6.2022

But to keep it that way, the gas tanks would have to be full in the winter. Habeck therefore called for frugality again. If storage levels are not increased, legal measures must be taken to ensure gas savings if necessary.

But that’s not necessary: ​​With the current 56 percent, storage levels are above average, although Habeck said the starting position was “above average.”

“Settlement with Putin”

The actions of Gazprom, which again reduced supplies through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany on Thursday, fit into a pattern that has been observed for weeks, Habeck said. This should keep prices high. He stressed the importance of acting prudently and wisely – and still not having the illusion “that we are fighting a power struggle with Putin.”

“But it is not that we are defenseless,” the minister said. In addition to the storage levels of the gas tanks, he mentioned the LNG terminals currently under construction and new contracts with other gas suppliers.

Habeck said nothing about the housing industry’s requirements to reduce the prescribed minimum temperature in rental apartments in the event of a gas shortage. The federal government has not yet dealt with it. However, if there is a shortage of gas in the winter, the first step would be to heat cogeneration plants with coal instead of gas, Habeck said. Be prepared for this “fuel switch”.

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