Germany’s gas problems would have a “huge” impact on the EU

Gas supply problems in Germany could have serious consequences for other countries. However, the Belgian Prime Minister also sees a solution.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo warned of consequences for the entire EU if Germany had problems with gas supplies. “If Germany gets into trouble, it also has a huge impact on all other European countries, including our country,” he said on the sidelines of the EU summit in Brussels on Friday. Given that Russia is actually also in an economic war with Europe, we must stick together.

“There is no better argument that we must do this together than looking at the consequences that Germany is potentially suffering from,” the head of government said. You can experience a challenging winter. In view of the possible difficulties with gas supplies, he spoke in favor of price caps and joint purchases of raw materials.

While EU countries already agreed at the March summit that they want to buy gas together, the picture is different for price caps. So far, there are exceptions only for Spain and Portugal. In particular, countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are critical of price caps.

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