France without supply: Russia continues to open the gas tap

Status: 06/17/2022 11:25

Gas is a strategic trump card for Russia. And how strong it seems, Moscow is testing the days: after the strangulation for Germany, France no longer receives Russian gas through the pipeline. And there are other cuts in Italy as well.

France no longer receives Russian gas via pipelines. As announced by the French network operator GRTgaz, this has been the case since Wednesday and it is also due to the “gas interruption between France and Germany”.

The country receives 17 percent of its gas supply from Russia, most of it usually through pipelines and the rest as liquefied natural gas. As GRTgaz also reported with a view to the coming winter, the tanks are 56 percent full. About 50 percent is normal at this time.

In Italy, only 50 percent

Russia’s energy company Gazprom, meanwhile, has also curtailed gas supplies to Italy. According to state gas supplier Eni, Gazprom has promised only 50 percent of the ordered volume of supplies to date.

Today, Italy has actually ordered 63 million cubic meters of gas from Russia. Gas supplies have been reduced in previous days: by 15 percent on Wednesday and by 35 percent on Thursday.

Gazprom is cutting in several EU countries

Gazprom has cut its supplies to a number of EU countries in recent days. The Russian energy company has reduced supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany by 60 percent. The group cited the delay in Siemens repairs as the reason. There was also a reduction in supplies to Austria.

Previously, deliveries to Denmark and Shell Energy Europe have been completely stopped. Gazprom justified the move by saying that neither the Danish group nor Shell paid for ruble gas, as required by Russia.

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