France: Council of State revokes license for burkini in Grenoble

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The French Council of State is revoking the license for burkines

Woman sitting in a full body swimsuit on the edge of the pool (icon image) Woman sitting in a full body swimsuit on the edge of the pool (icon image)

Woman sitting in a full body swimsuit on the edge of the pool (icon image)

Source: pa / dpa / Rolf Haid

The wearing of the so-called burkin repeatedly provokes heated debates in Grenoble. Now, permission to wear full-body swimwear at public swimming pools in Grenoble has finally been revoked.

DThe French Council of State has now also revoked the city of Grenoble’s permission to wear Muslim full-body swimwear in public swimming pools. The Paris State Council on Tuesday upheld the decision of the administrative court, which had already declared the amendment to the Grenoble Bath Rules inadmissible. According to the Council of State, the city of Grenoble, by permitting the so-called burkin, primarily responded to the demands of Muslim corners to satisfy the religious claim.

To this end, the city has significantly changed the existing rules of clothing, which were based on hygiene and safety requirements. This violates equal treatment of visitors and threatens the neutrality of the public service, argued the Council of State, which has the highest administrative court in France. Grenoble’s appeal against the administrative court’s decision was rejected.

In recent weeks, Burkina in Grenoble has become a nationwide political issue that has been the subject of heated debate. France is considered a secular country with a strict separation of state and religion. The public’s treatment of religious symbols has repeatedly provoked controversy, especially over Islam.

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Originally, after a controversial debate, Grenoble City Council, chaired by the Green Mayor, voted by a narrow majority to change the rules of the swimming pool. Conservative Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin then ordered the local prefect to take legal action against the new controversial regulation.

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