Forest fire in Brandenburg – declared disaster

Panorama heat wave

Forest fire in Brandenburg – declared disaster

“A single spark is enough to start a forest fire”

“The danger of forest fires is highest in the east,” says meteorologist Alexander Hildebrand. In the WELT studio, he explains how the “mini heat wave” controls almost all of Germany and where it is particularly dangerous.

A huge heat wave has spread to many regions of Europe. The situation with the forest fire in Treuenbrietzen (Potsdam-Mittelmark) worsened in the evening, the district near the affected area was evacuated. A state of emergency has been declared.

WLarge parts of Europe groaned under an extremely early heat wave over the weekend. In Germany, according to the German Meteorological Service, the highest value of 36.4 degrees was measured on Saturday in Waghäusel-Kirrlach on the Upper Rhine. Several temperature records were recorded in France, the peak was 42.9 degrees in Biarritz. Forest fires have already destroyed thousands of hectares of forest in Spain, and forest fires have also occurred in Berlin and France.

According to the DWD, values ​​of around 35 degrees were measured on Saturday in a wide strip from southwestern Germany to eastern Saxony. With the exception of coastal areas and areas with higher altitudes, as well as in the south-east of Bavaria, temperatures during the day significantly exceeded 30 degrees. In sharp contrast, it remained at 20.2 degrees in Erfde in Schleswig-Holstein.

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dpatopbilder - April 28, 2022, India, Lucknow: A man bathes at a public water tap during a hot summer afternoon in Lucknow in the central Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.  There is a heat wave in northern and western India.  Photo: Rajesh Kumar Singh / AP / dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++

On Sunday, meteorologists continue to predict unusually high temperatures in Germany – 30 to 37 degrees are expected in the middle and southeast.

Because of and Forest fires near the town of Treuenbrietzen (Potsdam-Mittelmark), authorities ordered the district to be evacuated on Sunday. All residents of Tiefenbrunnen were asked to “leave their homes immediately,” said the city administration of Treuenbrietzen. A forest fire broke out on Friday. The fire occasionally raged on an area of ​​about 100 hectares.

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As early as Saturday, local authorities began preparations for the temporary evacuation of the Tiefenbrunnen district due to the expansion of the fire area. Therefore, a growing wind was expected on Sunday, which, together with the current heat, records the fires. Firefighting work was hampered by the fact that the affected area was partially contaminated with ammunition, so the emergency services could only move on secure roads.

A large forest fire near Frohnsdorf in Brandenburg south of Berlin was extinguished. The drone images no longer show open fire, the RBB transmitter quoted firefighters from Saturday afternoon as saying.

The forest fire at Treuenbrietzen spread further on Sunday night

The forest fire at Treuenbrietzen spread further on Sunday night

Source: dpa / Thomas Schulz

In France, the meteorological service Météo France spoke of the first heat wave since 1947. New temperature records for June have already been set in eleven areas. Several festivals, sports and cultural events have been canceled.

In Spain, which is also affected by the unusual heat, forest fires have been destroying thousands of hectares of land for several days. Up to 20,000 hectares have been affected in the Sierra de la Culebra in the northwest. 14 cities were evacuated as a precaution. In several other regions, rescue services fought other fires. Temperatures of up to 43 degrees were expected in the northeast of Zaragoza.

Spanish firefighters during a fire in the Sierra Culebra

Spanish firefighters during a fire in the Sierra Culebra

Tito: dpa / Emilio Fraile

In the Netherlands, the Meteorological Service has issued a warning for the city of Limburg in the south of the country, where temperatures can rise to 35 degrees. In the United Kingdom, authorities set new seasonal temperature records for the third day in a row.

In northern Italy, the Po Valley is suffering from the worst drought in 70 years, and some communities distribute water for rations. According to the Coldiretti agricultural association, half of the cultivated land is endangered there.

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Many cities will have to adapt to more heat stress in the future

According to scientists, the increase in heat waves and drought is a direct consequence of global warming. The intensity and duration and frequency of these phenomena are increasing.

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