Fighting in eastern Ukraine: Russian media represent American prisoners

The fighting was in eastern Ukraine
Russian media show American prisoners

This is likely to further worsen Russian-American relations: Russian media show two captured American veterans fighting for Ukraine. One of the men says he believed in Western “propaganda” about “evil Russians.”

Russian state television RT published videos of two missing US citizens in Ukraine. RT journalist Roman Kosarew pointed to a Messenger service Telegram record on which former US soldier Alexander Drueke addressed his mother. The official RT Telegram channel also published a video interview with American veteran Andy Huynh, who said that he and Drueke were “involved in the fighting with Russian soldiers” in the Ukrainian Kharkiv region.

Drueke and Huynh are said to be from Alabama and volunteers who fought alongside the Ukrainian army. Huynh said in a video released by RT that he and Drueke had retreated during skirmishes in the Kharkiv region and hid for several hours before finally surrendering to the Russian army.

In a video released by Kosarev, Drueke addressed his mother. “Mom, I just wanted to let you know I’m alive and I hope to be home as soon as possible,” he says. In other videos released by RT, Drueke and Huynh are filmed saying in broken Russian, “I’m against the war.”

In an interview with the Kremlin allied newspaper “Isvestia”, one of the prisoners apologized. He believed in Western “propaganda” about “evil Russians” and therefore went to war. “Western media do not tell us how incompetent and corrupt the Ukrainian army is,” he said.

It is still unclear who held both men. There is also no information on the circumstances under which they were filmed.

Washington: We are watching the situation closely

A State Department spokesman said U.S. authorities had seen photos and videos of two U.S. citizens “allegedly captured by Russian forces in Ukraine.” The US government is closely monitoring the situation and thinking of men’s families.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden called on US citizens not to travel to Ukraine. “Americans should not go to Ukraine now. I will say it again: Americans should not go to Ukraine.” The White House has previously announced that a third US citizen is missing in Ukraine.

Pro-pro-separatists in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic recently sentenced two British and a Moroccan prisoner in Ukraine to death.

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