“False debate” vs. “Historic”: Scholz receives criticism and praise after his performance in Kiev

“False debate” vs. “Historic”
Scholz receives criticism and praise after his performance in Kiev

In Kiev, the chancellor made a clear statement in favor of Ukraine’s prospects for EU membership, but unlike his French accomplice Macron, he did not bring any new arms promises. He receives praise from his government partners, criticism from the Union and the left.

Following Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s visit to Kiev, the Union expressed disappointment in the Bundestag at the lack of concrete commitments on the supply of heavy weapons. During the visit, “it would be high time to finally make a clear commitment to the immediate supply of heavy weapons,” said Johann Wadephul, vice president of the Union’s “Welt” faction. “Only Olaf Scholz’s commitment to immediate EU candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova is a good signal,” the CDU politician said.

Britta Haßelmann, co-chair of the Greens’ deputies, described the support for candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova as “exactly the right decision at the right time”. She now hopes that “the European Commission and other EU members from Ukraine and Moldova agree on a European perspective,” she told the Rheinische Post and the Generalanzeiger.

Scholz “characterized Ukraine as part of a European family that, like the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova, should have a perspective in the EU,” said SPD leader Rolf Mützenich about his party colleague’s trip. “With all the prerequisites for a common future, this statement should not be underestimated in its historical significance.”

The criticism came from the Left Party: “The debate over Ukraine’s accession to the EU is a false debate,” parliamentary group leader Dietmar Bartsch told the “Funke Mediengruppe” newspaper. “It is clear to all concerned that a prerequisite for the accession process is, in addition to domestic political reforms, a previous and lasting peace process.” During the visit, Scholz was to insist that “diplomacy needs a fresh start.”

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