“Explosives in the car”: A Russian official dies in an assassination attempt

“Explosive devices in his car”
A Russian official died in an assassination attempt

Attacks on Kremlin administration staff are not uncommon in the occupied city of Kherson. Now, according to Russian information, it will affect a man who worked for the administration in the field of sports and youth.

According to Russian information, a government official was killed in an attack in Kherson in southern Ukraine, which is occupied by the Russian army. “It was a targeted attack,” authorities said, according to Russian news agencies. “There was an explosive device in his car.” The victim was responsible for sports and youth in the administration of the Kherson region.

Similar attacks on Russian officials are increasingly common in areas of Ukraine controlled by the Russian military. The Russian army has already occupied the area around Kherson, which borders the annexed Crimean Peninsula, shortly after launching a Ukrainian offensive in late February. Since then, the area has become increasingly close to Russia. A week and a half ago, Russia began issuing Russian passports, and the Russian ruble was introduced as a means of payment.

Meanwhile, the fighting in Donbas continues. The Ukrainian army has suffered serious setbacks. Ukraine, for example, has announced the withdrawal of troops from the city of Sieverodonetsk in the east of the country, which has been fought for several weeks. According to their own statements, Russian and pro-Russian fighters conquered the settlements of Hirske and Solote in the Luhansk region. Luhansk separatists showed the hoisting of the Soviet flag on the Zolote municipal building south of Lysychansk, a partner city of Sievarodonetsk. Initially, there was no confirmation from the Ukrainian side.

It was announced on Thursday that Russian troops had surrounded the area around Hirska and Solote. It remained unclear whether at least parts of the Ukrainian troops were able to withdraw in time to save themselves. Russia invaded Ukraine four months ago and has since conquered large parts of eastern and southern Ukraine. In the Luhansk region, Ukrainian troops now control only the city of Lysychansk. Even there, the Russian soldiers advanced on the outskirts of the city.

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