Evolution follows behavior, not chance

How a mistake in evolutionary theory leads to incurable diseases

Evolution is determined by behavior, not coincidence: the giraffe has a long neck as it tries to reach high-hanging leaves. People tolerate cow’s milk because our ancestors started drinking cow’s milk even though they did not tolerate lactose. Upright walking is the result of countless attempts to walk upright.
Evolution is based on a constant effort to go beyond the body by behaving in small steps. The body adapts and develops. If physical changes exceed a certain level, they are genetically anchored and passed on to the next generation so that their development does not start again from scratch.
In humans, the evolutionary process is blocked by the mind because the connection between behavior and evolution has not been recognized on a rational level. Instead, the evolutionary process is negatively reversed:
If the mind limits behavior more than the actual limits of the body require, the body develops negatively, allowing the limits of behavior, which were originally set only psychologically, to develop physically. This physically enforced restriction of behavior then appears as an illness that is incurable because the causal link between behavior and physical development is not recognized.
Using its negative inversion, it is possible to scientifically prove the connection between behavior and physical development!
Illness is a physical change that limits behavior. The disease forces a reduction in behavior. In the case of numerous previously incurable diseases, the disease-induced behavioral limitation already existed as a mentally induced behavioral limitation before the onset of the first symptoms. The cure is to positively reverse the evolutionary process through behavior change.
To see the connection, we need to change our view of the disease: How does the disease affect behavior? What behavioral restrictions does the disease impose? And then you look at whether this restriction of behavior already existed before the symptoms appeared as psychologically conditioned behavior.
Examples and other basic information at https://evolutionstheorie.eu/

Andreas Orlík is a mathematician and highly gifted. He has been dealing with internal psychological processes and the basics of scientific thinking for more than 25 years.

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