“Enrolled for life”: Schröder reportedly demands the return of the Bundestag’s office

Committed for life
Schröder allegedly demands the return of the Bundestag’s office

Former Chancellor Schröder is holding on to his work for Russian gas companies despite the war in Ukraine. That is why the Federal Parliament’s Budget Committee is cutting back on its office. According to a media report, Schröder is defending himself.

According to a media report, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is opposed to the Federal Parliament’s decision to abolish its office and staff positions. Schröder is now asking her back, said the “Bild” letter, referring to a letter from Schröder’s lawyers to Helge Braun, chairman of the Bundestag’s budget committee.

In a two-page letter, the lawyers referred to a parliamentary resolution of 8 November 2012, according to which the offices of Schröder’s Bundestag and four employees had been “repaired for life”. As regards staff positions, Schröder claims four positions with grades B6, B3, E14 and E8. The fact that his office has now been “suspended” by a decision of the Committee on Budgets and that staff positions are “in liquidation” is “illegal and unconstitutional,” the Bild quoted the letter as saying. However, the SPD politician does not necessarily want to try his rights in court.

The court’s clarification is no longer ‘on the front line’, despite the now unacceptable public ‘hunt’ for the former chancellor, “the letter said. He would like to be able to find mutually acceptable regulation ‘on equal terms’ through discussion.

Schröder has been criticized for months for continuing to work for Russian energy companies despite the war in Ukraine. In the SPD, party order proceedings are taking place with the former chancellor, which may lead to his expulsion from the party.

Schröder then decided in May to resign his position in the Russian oil company Rosneft. Shortly afterwards, the former chancellor also stated that he had resigned from the supervisory board of the gas company Gazprom, which had been offered to him “long ago”.

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