Enjoy all inclusive and a buffet without remorse

If you want to have something alcoholic, it is better to take a local wine, cider or wine splash. A glass of wine has half the calories of a fruit cocktail. A glass of beer also contains fewer calories than a long drink.

Still water with mint, cucumber or lemon slices or low-calorie lemonade is especially good for quenching thirst. If you fancy something fruity, eat some fruit. You get more fiber and vitamins than if you drank fruit juices. And so that the smoothie does not become a trap of sugar and calories, you should opt for one with a high proportion of vegetables, recommends nutrition therapist Andrea Plischek t-online.de.

Calorie trap in the restaurant

In addition to the hotel’s buffet, calorie traps are waiting in the restaurant. In particular, you should avoid bread that is served before meals along with a few dips and sauces. It barely satisfies you, it contains little nutrients and they are just empty calories. It is better to bridge the hunger and time to food with a little still water.

Some chefs in restaurants and hotels prefer to use cheap fat and sugar flavor carriers instead of expensive spices. However, this often makes the food more caloric than home-cooked or freshly prepared. When choosing, pay attention to food quality.

More tips on how not to gain on vacation

Eating boredom is also a reason to gain weight. Especially if you stay only in the resort, this alternative work can come quickly.

Sometimes the feeling of thirst is confused with appetite. If your tummy tells you, drink water before having a snack.

So that you don’t have to worry about weight when you return, you should make sure you get enough exercise along the way. Often it is enough to use the stairs instead of the elevator, swim a few bikes in the pool or go snorkeling. You can burn some calories on the beach by playing beach volleyball or other beach games. You can also plan a long walk after your meal. This will support digestion.

Many people want to sleep on vacation. However, you should not spend more than nine hours in bed. Otherwise, it may cause weight gain. Although it is difficult, it is best to get up after ten hours of sleep at the latest and stretch or go for a short walk after getting up.

Plischek has prepared another tip so that the holiday stays in good memory and you do not take unnecessary pounds with you home: Enjoy the company, atmosphere and environment during the holiday with all your senses. “It involves seeing, hearing, smelling and feeling – and not just tasting. The more I use my other senses for my enjoyment, the less I have to compensate with a single sense, such as tasting. And if I’m still in my favorite things after the holidays, that’s also a form of entertainment, “he says. He recommends enjoying life and not just eating.

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