Eco-terrorism as a joke: Neubauer jokes about the attack on the pipeline

Ecoterrorism as a joke
Neubauer is joking about the pipeline attack

The longest $ 10 billion oil pipeline is set to grow in Uganda and Tanzania. Climate activist Luisa Neubauer is against the project. In the video, he jokes about sabotage – and points to a book as an excuse.

Climate activist Luisa Neubauer caused a stir and irritation with a joke about eco-terrorism. On the sidelines of the Copenhagen Summit on Democracy, an event to promote democracy in Denmark, she invited Instagram Video high, in which English jokes about blowing up a pipe. “Of course we are thinking about how to blow up the longest oil pipeline in the world,” he says in the recording. He further explains that the EACOP pipeline is to be built in East Africa, which it will prevent.

EACOP stands for East African Crude Oil Pipeline. The project is also known as the Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline, as the pipeline will run more than 1,400 kilometers through Uganda and Tanzania. The French oil company Total Energies announced in February that it had been given the green light to build the pipeline.

The project is estimated at $ 10 billion. Environmentalists criticize that thousands of families would have to make way for the pipeline. In addition, nature reserves would be attacked, the planned tube would lead through important areas for elephants, lions and chimpanzees. The water supply in the region for millions of people is also threatened.

“Jesus, it’s a book”

Among other things, Neubauer is blamed on Twitter for her choice of words. She responded to the tweet with the words, “Jesus Mary, this is a book.” She also published a film from the book “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” by Swedish author and climate researcher Andreas Malm, who is considered a pioneer of the radical climate movement. In the book, but also in the interviews, Malm argues that sabotage is a logical form of climate activism. In a guest article for “Spiegel” in May, he wrote that you didn’t need big concepts to know, “now only sabotage and property damage help.”

According to the daily “Bild”, Neubauer wanted to comment only on the planned pipeline project, but not on its statement. “The EACOP project alone would produce almost half a gigaton of CO2. That’s why we have been working for months with activists from the region, Uganda and Tanzania, as well as many people from France against the pipeline that the French company Total. Construction wants,” she said.

“We are talking to the French government, potential investors and pipeline insurers and mobilizing through social networks so that this climate-damaging pipeline is never built but eventually called off. Almost all German insurance companies and banks – except Deutsche Bank – have refused to support the project – because it is so (…) The construction of the EACOP pipeline must be canceled. “

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